Thursday, August 28, 2014

Growing up before my eyes (Owen)

I can't believe how much my kids have "grown up" this past summer.

I figured Owen would mature right before middle school, but he has done several things lately that show he's older now.  Just the other day, he asked if he could get his hair cut.  It might sound benign...but this is usually a topic that is started by Jake or I and followed quickly with a debate that he doesn't think he needs one.  This week he was playing on his ipad with his headphones on.  I assumed he was listening to some youtube video or soundtrack to whatever game he was playing.  Jake looked over his shoulder to see him turn on a Mike and Mike podcast.  That is something that Jake does, not Owen.

Then tonight I helped him figure out how to tie his shoes.  It's always been a battle to teach him.  So we pretty much just gave up and bought him only slip-on shoes.  I KNOW!  Not a shining parent moment.  But it was blown away tonight by his determination to figure it out.  He nailed it on the third attempt.  He did it a few more times and once to show daddy.

What will they be doing tomorrow???

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hot Yoga!?!?!?

I have never been one who really got into yoga, let alone HOT yoga.  I really don't like to sweat, unless I'm running or REALLY working out.  I don't think it's possible to get a good workout "stretching".  I even tried hot yoga with some girlfriends, but didn't really get into it.  Then Jake got into it about 6 months ago.  He even got Andrew hooked on it.  So, when the kids started school I was able to try an express class level one.  I didn't hate it.  I actually liked the ache I felt in places but not unable to walk, like I would hurt when working out with weights.

That's why I went to a level one 75 minute class today.  It was really a good class.  Katarina was the teacher and the soon-to-be owner of the studio.  If her new schedule works with my crazy calendar, I could see myself going a few times a week instead of working out at the gym.  Who knows?  Maybe in a few months I'll become more flexible.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

I'm not even sure if anyone will be checking this anymore...but I feel a need to start blogging again.

I just turned 39.  The last year before "40".  A lot of people I hear dread turning 40.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  Not the fact that I'm getting older.  Falling apart.  Missing my youth.  But that I have lived almost 40 amazing years (so far) on this planet and LOVED every minute of it.  With that being true, why wouldn't I look forward to more?

My son just turned 10, "double digits", and is growing into this amazing, caring, smart, young man.  My daughter is 7 and attended her FIRST concert with me this week.  KATY PERRY!!!  I see her energy and joy and passion for life and it becomes contagious to anyone around her.  My husband tells me, shows me and instills in me more love daily than when we got married.

This might be MY LAST YEAR before 40, but I'm hoping it is just as rewarding as the last 39 years have been and my next 40 will be.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A glimpse in my Saturday

I realized the other day I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted to, so I thought I'd just give a quick update and sample of a Saturday in the life of me.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Jake would tell you they are ALL busy.  But this time I managed to capture it in photos.

Our morning started with Jake planning to take our new puppy, Yawkey to the vet.  So that means he had to take my car and leave me with his mini coop (which is a stick).  I took the kids to Exploration Place where we met our friends the Pates.  Their daughter, Holly has type 1 diabetes.  We were a part of her team walking 2 miles to raise money for a cure.  The kids did a good job walking the 2 miles, except for the complaining the last half mile. :)

Our Holly's Hooligans

We finished the walk at 11:00 and drove through Wendy's to get a quick lunch and headed to the North YMCA.  Allison had a 12:00 soccer game and Owen had one at 1:00.  We made there with just enough time to eat our food, get geared up and get to the fields.  We look so ready for soccer!

My soccer studs.
Allison made her first soccer goal!

Going for my "mom of the year" award, I just remembered that Allison was having her team pictures after the game.  YEP!  That's my baby in her team pic with a giant green butterfly on her face!!!

The Baby Jays

Jake met us at the games, I went to volunteer at church at 3:00 then went home to get ready for my date night.  We went to dinner with the Carpenters and then to see the Zac Brown Band.  It was a long, but really FUN night.

Shawn, Jake, me and Erin waiting for the show to start.

Thursday, April 18, 2013



For the last week, we've been walking around with a hole in our hearts.  We would have moments when we would think we needed to walk Nick, hear him or need to check his water.  He was a part of our daily life.  But within the last 48 hours, we've fixed that!  Jake contacted a breeder who had a 10 month old chocolate lab male.  They gave him their phone number to call and set up a visitation.  I called yesterday afternoon and talked to the owner.  She said this dog in particular was living with a trainer (literally 5 minutes from our house) and that we could stop by and see him.  By 3, I had called and set up a "meet and greet" for 5:30.  There was some excitement building in the car as we made our way there.  This dog is amazing!  He's still got some puppy energy, but no more puppy teeth.  He's been crate/leash/hunting & field trained.  The kids loved him!  Jake LOVED him.  I love him too!!!  So we wrote them a check and brought him home.

We weren't exactly ready for this new member of our family.  But we did our best.  He was extremely nervous and wouldn't come in the house for about 2 hours.  He would just run around the back yard.  Finally, I wore him down and he warmed up to me and came inside.  Yawkey (I picked the name) soon explored his new home and made himself relax with "mom and dad".  It was so nice to have this new source of love in our home.  We will ALWAYS miss Nick.  But we will be busy with Yawkey too!

Hanging with dad, first night

Monday, April 8, 2013

Furry Family

This is our first child, Nick.  We got him for our first Christmas together (1998).  He was one of a liter that was left at the shelter.  Before we were a couple, after Nick came along we became a family.  Daily walks (sometimes 2) became a normal routine.

He turned 14 last December.  We've been told by several people how amazing he both look and acted for a dog his age.  My secret, is that it was because of all the love he got.

We had to say "Good Night" to our booga for the last time this afternoon.  It has been hard, but it was the best thing.  It's amazing how you don't really miss something, until it's gone.  The house feels a little quiet.  But our memories echo in our hearts.  We love you, Nick.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sleep Over

Last night was Allison's first sleepover at someone else's house.  Lucky for me, it was across the street. She was SO EXCITED!!!  As soon as she woke up, she started telling me the "list" of things she wanted to pack and take.  That was at 8 in the morning, the sleepover didn't start until 6 that evening.  It was a LONG day.  But boy, was she thrilled when the moment came for me to walk her over with her bag.  I texted Rachel this morning to see how the night went.  Her reply, "We are great.  Making pancakes and painting some craft they made last night.  She did awesome!  I will say abbey kept Allison up until 11.  Sorry.  Abbey stayed up later but I kept her quieter!  Is 10 ok for pick up?  They have a lot of plans!"  When I picked her up, both girls enquired as to when we can do it again.  I am so blessed to have neighbors like this.  I can't wait to see these two girls grow up together!!!