Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Girl Friend

Today the kids went to their friend, Paige's 5th birthday party. This is the first girl who is friends with Owen. You might recognize her from past blogs, they will be going to kindergarten at Wheatland next year. Since Paige had some other girls at her party, she hung out with them. Which means Allie became Paige's shadow! She didn't know many of the other girls, but that didn't stop her from going along with them. Owen, on the other hand, rounded up his posse of boys and they played typical "boy" stuff. It was a good time for all. Let the series of summer parties continue!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Zoo School

Today Owen attended his first day of Zoo School. It was perfect for him, the class was called "Animals A to Z". It went from 8:30-10:00. They learned about amphibians. The class even went into the amphibian and reptile house after a lesson and craft. Allie was a little jealous about not being able to go, but we did what girls do... went shopping! We got a few things for Owen's birthday and even got some new lip gloss for Allie. Owen was so excited when we picked him up. He can't wait until tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Working at the Car Wash!

This morning when I brought the kids home from swim lessons, daddy was getting the car ready to be washed in the driveway. Owen was more than eager to be daddy's little helper. Allie was less than thrilled, but supervised. Sometimes the most simple tasks become the most memorable moments of the day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Isn't broken, Don't fix it!

June 9, I was cleaning up the toy room and carelessly put Owen's plastic box that houses all of his magnetics on the top shelf.  In one quick move, it fell and landed on my right foot.  I thought I was going to die.  I turned to Owen and told him to go upstairs and tell Nennie and Daddy that mommy was hurt.  "Okay" he says cheerily and bounds up the stairs.  About 5 minutes go by and no one returns.  My foot is now swollen and has a clear bruise in the shape of the corner of the box.  I feel a little nausea and light headed, but putting any pressure on my foot is impossible.  So I slowly sit on the floor and beg Allie to go upstairs and tell Nennie and Daddy that mommy is hurt bad!  "Ah, poor mommy," and she pouts and inches towards the stairs.  I can hear her as soon as she gets up there.  "Mommy hurt."  Daddy assumes she is just playing a game and continues what he was doing.  Nennie kicks into protective mode.  "How is she hurt?"  A few minutes later Allie and Nennie are in front of me helping me to the couch and getting me an ice pack.

Fast forward to last weekend.  My foot looks better and doesn't hurt, unless something touches the spot.  Since the accident I have continued my workouts and even ran the Fitness 5 run.  Jake looks at it and is concerned that I might have a hairline fracture and calls this really good foot doctor.  He tells us to have me go to SCK and get an X-Ray of my foot and he'll look at it.  I have only ever had dental x-rays taken.  This is my first time.  I was actually excited!  So yesterday, I went to SCK.   The nurse left me in the room with my pictures on the computer screen.  So, of course, I took a picture of it.  The doctor came in, looked at it, told me I probably bruised the tissue around the bone.  NO BREAK!  I was happy.  I've gone almost 34 years, with no broken bones.  He then tells me I am going to be his easiest patient this week and to have a good day.  I will!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is that one day of the year that we reflect on the relationship we had growing up with our dad and the blooming relationship between our husband and his kids.  Growing up I felt like everyday was an adventure.  My dad was the wizard who could make anything from nothing just by fine tuning my imagination to his frequency.  We never went without and always was loved.

Today, I watch my husband.  The boy I met 15 years ago, evolving into this man I want to spend the rest of my life with, becoming the father my children are lucky to be blessed with.  I'm the fortunate one who gets to take the lessons I learned from my own dad and use them on a daily basis with my son and daughter.

It's amazing how important the role of a father can be.  It may only be celebrated one day a year, but it ripples into every moment of time.  Even after we've grown up.  I love you dad!  Thank you for being you.  

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Lately my children have been doing this ritual after bath time every night that makes me smile.  The first one out, get their pj's on and jumps on the bed to begin construction "the battleship".  This isn't just any ship, it somehow relates to the Star Wars series.  Some nights they are jedi other nights they are droids.  Some nights they are the good guys other nights they are the bad.  I stand there and watch them and have moments of my own childhood flash in my mind.  Lucky for me tonight, I happened to have my camera near by.  They are only little for so long and their imagination is so big.  Good Times!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beat this Heat!

Today our friend Nathan, hosted play group.  His daddy, Eric, bought him this new pool with a slide.  Well, we had to test it out for him.  The kids had a blast!  Their backyard is a dream come true for kids to rule.  Nathan has these really cool motorized toys, a hammock, a sandbox (with blue and green sand) and tons of squirt guns.  A kids world, is a fun one to visit.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friends Forever

Last Friday, I was watching the Today show and they were talking about it being Best Friends Day.  They discussed the benefits of having a best friend or two in your life.  On Saturday Owen's best friend turned 4!  Nathan has been in our life since his mommy told me she was pregnant during yoga class.  I've loved watching these two boys grow up together.  Even at Nathan's party he made the most amazing wish before blowing out his candles, "I wish that we could be friends forever."  I know in my heart that his wish will come true.  Every kid that was at the party will be lucky to have Nathan as a friend.  I'm fortunate enough to say that my son is one of those lucky ones.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a difference a year makes

I ran the Fitness Festival 5 yesterday.  It is an annual run that is sponsored by the Smoky Hill River Festival.  I ran it in 51:21!  I didn't stop or really even slow down.  I just kept my steady 10 minute run.  The most amazing thing is... this was my first race LAST YEAR.  Let's travel back to that day.  I, for some odd reason, thought that I should saddle up next to the head of the pack.  Then as soon as the gun went off, I tore off at break-neck speed.  Remember, this was my very first time running in a race.  Jake kept telling me to slow down.  But I just grunted and puffed and floored it... for about 1 mile.  Then I hit the wall.  I had to stop.  I couldn't breathe.  My chest was about to explode.  How much further?  Oh yeah, 4 MORE MILES!!!  The people pushing strollers passed me, the very out-of-shape people passed me.  Even the guy who probably unplugged from his oxygen tank to run this stupid thing passed me.  I was red, sweaty, smelly, wet, huffing and puffing.  I have no clue how long it took me to run it, because all I cared about was living after finishing it.  The cherry on my race was when not one, but three volunteers came up to me at different times after I had finished to inquire as to if I needed medical assistance!  WOW!!!  What a difference a year makes.  I'm no pro at this running thing.  But I am actually looking forward to next year.  I have only one way to go... UP!

Through the eyes of kids!

For the last 15 years, I have dated Jake.  Almost every June, except our wedding day, I could be found in Salina attending the Smoky Hill River Festival.  (I have the buttons to prove it!)  In the last few years, Jake and I have enjoyed scoping out the cool art and purchasing a piece for the home as an anniversary gift.  This year was a little different.  I took the kids by myself, along with the grandparents.  I didn't look at any art, let alone buy any.  I shopped at one craft station.  We at the normal festival food for lunch.  But Snow Wizard was even gone this year!  Now that I have told you how it was not the same, let me share with you how it was even better!

The weather was cool and perfect.  We got there right when it opened so it wasn't even crowded yet.  We played at the playground, explored the Legoland, bought cotton candy (for Allie) and Italian Ice (for Owen).  We left right after lunch and got home before the temperature got any hotter.  My trips to this annual event might change from year to year, but they are always enjoyable.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Allison is developing quite the personality!  This last Thursday we went to Salina and Papa and Grandma got to see her in all her glory.  Since they love to buy the kids gifts and my children love that they do, both got a few things.  Allie got a Hello Kitty purse, which she took EVERYWHERE we went!  Then they wanted to get her something else.  She picked a lady bug suitcase.  Her very own!  Now she can't wait to travel.

We also got to convince her she looked cute in pig tails.  Look out world, here she comes!

Owen, The Builder

This past Thursday, I took the kids to Salina for the Smoky Hill River Festival.  Papa and Grandma bought the kids some great toys, that we found at our favorite store The Toy Parade.  This little blog is about the tinker toys that they bought for Owen.  He has a box of tinkers at home and is able to build tons of things with them.  This box however, had the materials to build a castle.  It had a working draw bridge and pieces to make knights.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the finished product.  Apparently, once you complete the task it's free game.  They quickly took it apart and started making their own designs with the pieces.