Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sleep Over

Last night was Allison's first sleepover at someone else's house.  Lucky for me, it was across the street. She was SO EXCITED!!!  As soon as she woke up, she started telling me the "list" of things she wanted to pack and take.  That was at 8 in the morning, the sleepover didn't start until 6 that evening.  It was a LONG day.  But boy, was she thrilled when the moment came for me to walk her over with her bag.  I texted Rachel this morning to see how the night went.  Her reply, "We are great.  Making pancakes and painting some craft they made last night.  She did awesome!  I will say abbey kept Allison up until 11.  Sorry.  Abbey stayed up later but I kept her quieter!  Is 10 ok for pick up?  They have a lot of plans!"  When I picked her up, both girls enquired as to when we can do it again.  I am so blessed to have neighbors like this.  I can't wait to see these two girls grow up together!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Diva Dash 2013

It was a cold and rainy morning.  That's how some horror stories start, but this is describing one of my favorite days.  Today was the Diva Dash 5K and Lil Princess Fun Run.  So, I signed Allison, Jen and myself up for it.  When my alarm went off this morning and I heard the rain, I instantly decided to SKIP the run.  I woke up and went to inform Allison of this new turn of events.  Her response was all it took for me to quickly change my mind.  She was crying big crocodile tears.  Her breathing was heavy and all she could get out was, "But MOMMY!  I.  WANT.  TO.  RUN."  Next thing I know, I'm lacing up my shoes and pinning her bib on her shirt.

The weather was less than ideal, but the company was more than adequate.  She inspires me to persevere.  Even when I think it doesn't matter.

This was Allison's FIRST run.  She was so determined to do it.  My 5K started at 8:30.  Allison hung out with some friends, in the freezing rain waiting.  I ran my run in less than 29 minutes!  I wanted to make sure she wasn't changing her mind.  She hugged me when I finished and I asked her if she wanted to go home.  Even though her teeth were chattering, she shook her head.  We waited another 30 minutes in the wind and rain.  Then it was her moment.  They lined the girls up by ages.  Allison was running with about 15 other 6 year olds.  Their distance was 250 yards.  She asked me to run with her, but I was the only mom out there.  So when the horn blew, I told her to go and I'd follow.  The pack of girls ran solid.  Allison ran the WHOLE way!  As soon as I caught up with her, I hugged her.  Told her how proud I was of her.  We walked to get her medal and headed for the car.  After we got in she started to cry and say, "Mommy, I was the last girl to cross the finish line!"  I turned and looked at her and said, "Sweetie, I am so proud of you.  It didn't matter when you crossed that line.  It matters that you finished and did your best."  She's already planning her next run.  She might be little like me.  :)

Allison and me, before

Allison waiting in the rain. 

This was Jen's second 5K!!! 

Our swag from today.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bragging Rights

Jennifer McDaneld, RMA

That's right, World.  My sister is CERTIFIED!!!  And now is when I get on my soapbox and announce to everyone "how proud I am of her".

November 2011, Jen and I are hanging out on my basement couch.  She's talking about how she's getting tired of dealing with some of the people at her job.  I, being the BIG sister, grab the laptop and start searching job possibilities for her.  We discuss her various interests and the field becomes more narrow.  The idea of working in the medical field in some capacity seems to be clicking in her mind.  So I proceed to fill out interest forms at various places for her to get more information.  Fast forward to today.

She has completed the 15 month program for RMA (Registered Medial Assistant).  Which included an externship for the the last few months, and ended in them hiring her!  She recently found out that she not only passed the RMA exam, but did AWESOMELY!  This Saturday she will be getting the keys to her new "dream" loft apartment that will be closer to her work.

All I can say, "I am so proud of you.  For all of your hard work and dedication.  Each of your recent blessings is rightfully deserved.  I love you."