Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lil Dragons

I received the professional photos that were taken of my kids at Tae Kwon Do tonight. If there has ever been a photo to keep, this is definitely one. Don't worry family members! I bought several copies and we will be mailing them out soon. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have it ALL

I love her look in this photo!

I have to replay a conversation that took place in my car this evening.

SCENE: Allie and myself going home from dinner in my car. The radio is blasting Adele singing "Rolling in the Deep". A line is sung, "We almost had it all." Then comes the following interaction.

A: "Mommy? What is ALL?"
M: "What do you mean?"
A: "The girl just said she almost had it all. What is the ALL?"
M: "All, is when you think you have everything you need in your life. For example, I think I have it ALL. I love my husband, my kids, my family and friends. I enjoy my time alone and I get to experience wonderful things. I think I have it ALL."
M: "Do you think you have it all?"
A: "I need a cat!"

Well, there you have it. If she only had a cat, then she too would have it ALL!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, the imagination!

Today, Allie walked in the house after school all excited about what happened at school. A mom of one of Allie's classmates is a dentist. She came to school to explain what she does in her job and demonstrate how she does it. She sent all the kids home with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers and even stickers. As soon as she could, Allie set up her OWN dentist office.

She is working on Bity Baby.

Notice the face mask and YES, she is wearing latex gloves!

I will quickly explain the set up. She laid out one of her quilts to be the area she worked in. She had several of her toys wait in the "waiting room". A toy bed became the patient chair. She used a doll shirt as the bib. The tools she used were neatly lined up beside her. She had the stickers for the good patients in a row. Her toy phone was in the office, she even took appointments while she worked. She asked me for gloves, OF COURSE I have a box of latex gloves (doesn't everyone?). Allie then dug through the toy doctor stuff to find the finishing touch, her face mask. This went on for about an hour. She is AWESOME, and accepts all insurance. :)

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Tuesday, LOVE was in the air. (It actually started on Monday, with Allie's class party.) I was able to attend both of the kids parties. They loved getting Mommy at their school.

Allie at her party.

Owen at his party.

After I picked the kids up from school and brought them home, Owen walked into the kitchen to see this.

As you can see, he was VERY excited. I heard phrases like, "I'm the LUCKIEST boy!", "I LOVE you, Mommy!", "I've been wanting this for a LONG time!". I had bought him this new wii game called "Skylanders". He's mentioned it several times and even committed his allowance for the last few weeks to go buy it himself. (He still had about 3 more weeks to save for it.) Allie didn't have anything waiting for her, because Daddy was having a dozen pink roses to be delivered at the house for her. Thankfully, the truck showed up within 15 minutes of getting home. She was so EXCITED! I had her go out on the porch to receive them from the driver. Then we placed them in the vase and found the perfect place to set them. (On her nightstand.)

She is a VERY special little lady.

It was such a wonderful Valentine's Day. We felt loved, more than words can say.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The honor, is His!

Tonight at Tae Kwon Do, Master Tammy called some of the Lil Dragons to come up and accept stripes to their belts. They earn these stripes for completing various skills that need to be learned in order to progress to the next color belt. Well, guess who got his first stripe? Yep! Owen. He was so excited! I was excited for him! He's been trying really hard during class to get the skills.

Master Tammy putting on the yellow stripe.

Owen bowing to Master Tammy.

My heart did break a little when I saw Allie trying desperately to NOT cry, she didn't earn one. She kept it together until they were dismissed and they came to me. As soon as my arm touched her, she fell apart. We quickly got our shoes on and got in the car. Owen was beaming, but he was also concerned for his sister. The highlight of the whole evening was Owen looking at her and saying, "It's ok, Baby. I bet you get your first stripe next week."

I love my kids!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A work of "HEART"

Making Valentine's is a lost art. I can remember when I was younger that we would make them in class for our moms and dads, but we bought the Carebear or My Little Pony ones to pass out to the class. My daughter is a pioneer. She LOVES art. So when we talked about Valentines for their classes, my son picked some Angry Bird ones (surprise) and Allie looked at me asking, "Can I make them?" Why not? It does take a little effort on my part and is considerably longer time wise, but she is as happy as a clam.

Allison the CLAM.

A few of her finished works.

Now she may not want to do this next year, but I'm loving it now.