Friday, April 30, 2010

Science Fair- 2010

Owen showing us his science journal.
It says, "If I were a bat, I could fly in the dark."

The grass growing group project his class did.

Setting up for his big presentation.

Sorry it is sideways! But at least I was able to post it. This is his project, a dome volcano erupting. He learned about plate tectonics and the 6 types of volcanoes, including the main parts of them. (The hat was something his teacher had them make and wear.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kid Thoughts - "Everyone has a special talent"

Conversation between Owen and me, on the front steps.

O-"Mommy, Everyone has a special talent."
me-"Oh really?"
O-"Yep. Nennie's special talent is she's a great baker. Daddy's is he's a great doctor and he saves people. Yours' is you are super smart. :) And mine is I can FLY... for short... periods... of time."
me-"Wow! That is some talent."
O-"Yeah, watch me!"
(Owen jumps repeatedly off the front steps, with his arms spread out.)
me-"You know what, you are right!"

So, for all my readers, EVERYONE has a SPECIAL talent. Just ask Owen.

Monday, April 26, 2010

OKC Marathon-2010

Ang and I at the Expo.

Jake and I at the Expo.

Dessert the night before!

Morning of the race. I just put sunblock on, hence the fog I'm in.

Approaching the start, notice how dark it is!

This was in someone's yard at the top of "Gorilla Hill".

"Hi, Ang! I found you in a race of over 8,000 runners!"

Is it just me, or does it look like he forgot something?

This is the marathon winner. He crossed the finish shortly after I did.

They have an AMAZING pizza!!!

This past weekend, Jake and I left the kids with my sister and headed to OKC. I've never really been there, driven through it "YES" but actually stopped and looked around..."NO". We got to town around 4:00, there was some CRAZY traffic!!! (Apparently the LA Lakers were playing in a game there.) We got to the expo and met my friend Angela there. Picked up our race packets, bought some cute shirts (we do need our picture taken soon, Ang!) and then we went to get changed into some dinner clothes at our hotel. We ate at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, not bad food but VERY EXPENSIVE! Then early to bed to rest for our big run the next morning.

Sunday, we got up at 4:00 and got dressed. We ate breakfast at the cafe in the lobby. We walked, in the cold windy darkness to the race area. They had a "Sunrise Service" at the survivor tree (the sun didn't rise!). Then we hit the port-a-potty and split up. Jake was running the whole marathon (26.2) and I ran the half (13.1). It was a fun run. I took my camera with me, just in case. I've decided I can make most things, even those that are not really fun... FUN! I ended up beating my last half marathon's time by 9 minutes! I ran into Angela on the route. I have a MONSTER BLISTER on my right foot. And a cool medal and tee shirt to remember this run by.

My wonderful husband scheduled a "couples massage" for us that afternoon. Little did he know he would really need it. His left hamstring cramped at mile 21!!! Then we walked to Bricktown and ate at a really good pizza place. Those of you who know us, know we LOVE pizza! After an amazing dinner, we walked to the movie theater and saw "Kick-Ass". We highly recommend it to everyone!!! It was GREAT!

A wonderful weekend with my husband! Next on our list... "Warrior Dash"!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Firefighter for a Day!

Is it time yet?

Owen and his crew.

All buckled up and ready to roll!

The fire truck leaving the school.

Owen and the Captain in Head Quarters.

The Captain getting Owen into uniform.

He's got some room to grow!

Freddie the remote control truck.

Owen feeling the water pressure.

Captain giving Owen his goodie bag.

At this year's school carnival Owen won a drawing to be a firefighter for a day. Today was the day! Owen was so anxious, he gave me the annoyed look while we were in the parking lot waiting for the fire truck. Lucky for us it showed up early. Owen rode with the team on the truck from the school to the firehouse. Once there, we got the first class tour of the place. It was so much fun! As a "thank you", we are going to take the firefighters some dinner.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Thumb

Old tree

New tree

What's going to work? TEAMWORK

The "Root of all EVIL"

Everyone pitches in.

Allie on clean-up.

Owen put on the fertilizer.

Picture perfect project!

As any of you know, we have had a dead Japanese Maple in our front yard for over a year. Today we decided to replace it... OURSELVES!!!! We went out looking at stores and settled on a Pear Tree, to balance the front yard. We even had to even buy a shovel. That's how much we work in the yard. Owen and Allison were very excited to help. We also bought some flowers to go around the trunk. I think we did an awesome job. But we probably won't do much more for a while. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jogger or Runner?

I've been "running" for over 2 years. I ran my first, and only, half marathon a year and a half ago. Last week I ran my first brew to brew relay race (13.5 miles) and next weekend I will complete my second half marathon (13.1 in OKC). Today I ran 10 miles and was thinking the whole time about a blog I read recently. This woman has ran several marathons (26.2) and is signing up for several more. She commented on a conversation she had where someone called her a "jogger" and she was upset by the statement. It made me realize that there is a difference that I hadn't known before. So while running today it made me wonder which category I fall in. My brain functions by lists, so I made one in my head.

You Are A Runner If...
  1. You buy tennis shoes at least every 6 months.
  2. While driving you hear a song on the radio and think it would be great on your play list.
  3. You plan when during a day you are going to drink water, must hydrate!
  4. Your feet have blisters on top of blisters.
  5. Running errands in your work out clothes isn't a faux pas.
  6. You own more race shirts than dresses.
  7. You sign up for races in order to visit new cities.
  8. When eating out, you don't count calories.
  9. Chocolate isn't cheating, it's a treat!
  10. Your day doesn't feel complete until the miles are done.
Now let me explain my running philosophy for me. I DON'T LOVE TO RUN! I sweat A LOT!!! I am now very sun sensitive, I just bought SPF 45. I run about a 12 minutes mile, not that impressive. I have 2 active kids and I'm planning a big move in the next few months. However, besides all of this, I do LIKE to run. I get to be ALONE! I love music. I have energy, most times, after to get stuff done. I feel less stressed, even with my full plate sitting before me, to enjoy life. This makes me feel like a better mommy, wife, friend and person. So until now I probably would have put myself under the category of jogger. But now I know, I AM A RUNNER.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brew to Brew

Julie and I before the run.

Jake, Kevin and I before the run.

Julie passing me the "baton".

Kevin running his last and "hilly" leg.

Jake crossing the finish line.

For the last two years, Jake has run in a relay race from KC's Boulevard Brewery to Lawrence's FreeState Brewery. Both times he did it, the weather was less than good. I have always wanted to run it too, but the stars didn't line up. This year was a different story. Jake was on a team with the same members as before. I decided to sign up no matter what. Then the unthinkable happened and his team dwindled to just him and I. So we sent out a notice to our friends and made our own team. Julie and Kevin were the lucky members to join our elite force. It was a BLAST!!! The weather was PERFECT! Julie ran 8.8 miles, Kevin ran 9, Jake and I ran over 13. It was a challenge, but we met it head on. I am so proud of everyone on my team for doing strong work and keeping the positive attitude the whole time, making it very fun. Next year we won't be able to run it, but I'm already making plans for 2012!!!! Anyone want to join us?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Carnival Night-2010

Getting on the inflatables.

Getting her hair painted gold.

Holding her cotton candy, while doing the cake walk.

She's going fishin, for something good.

Tonight was Owen's school carnival. As some of you may know we went last year just to check it out. Well, this year we went and even met up with our friend Noah. Jake took the boys around while mommy and Nennie took Allie around. Several times I saw Owen playing with various other boys from school. He's quite social! I even volunteered in the Soccer ball kick game. Noah's mom found some tickets and told me she put Owen's name on some of them and dropped them in a drawing. Sure enough... he WON! Owen gets to be a firefighter for a day! They take him for a ride on the truck and he gets a personal tour of the fire house. I'm hoping he lets me come along... so I can take pictures! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today was Allie's first Kinder-swim class. Owen has been taking it for a while now. They level the kids into four groups based on ability not ages (but you need to be 3 to start them). A few months ago, Allie's Preschool Paddlers teacher (a parent participation class) told me she was sure she was ready to move up to a solo class. I told her I'd do one more month and then try them out. Well, today was our time to shine. As we were walking into the YMCA she was trying to tell me she didn't want to swim without me. I started to get a little nervous as to how this would all go down. I convinced her we should always try new things first then if we didn't feel comfortable we would go back to Preschool Paddlers. As soon as she got her suit on she was ALL BUSINESS! She looked at me and kept begging to get in the pool before classes started. I stood in the hall leading to the pool in case she needed me... she DIDN'T! She had a blast! Her teacher was very surprised by Allie's ability and fearless attitude. I guess she's a BIG GIRL now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYC Marathon-2010

April 7th, may not have been on very many people's calendars this year... but it was talked about anxiously in our household. Jake took a chance and signed up for the NYC Marathon lottery. Today at 12:30, they held it and he got in! It's really random that you get in the first year you sign up. If you don't, they keep your name in the lottery for the following year. If you don't get in then after 3 attempted years, you are automatically in. Well, Jake got in his first try! We are so excited in the Arnett Household. I've already started planning the "Family Trip" to NYC this fall!!! We are going to have an amazing year. Talk about some adventures!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tale of Two Phones

It's a tragedy, a comedy and a love story all in one!

My Handy Man!

His work space.

The screws were really tiny. Luckily the screwdriver was magnetic!

The box containing my new iPhone.

The one on the left is my new one with it's new hard shell cover!

As most of you have read in the earlier blog, my iPhone was broken really bad. My wonderful husband got on line and ordered me a new glass top and even watched a "how-to" video to see how to replace it. Unfortunately, it was harder than it appeared and after spending several hours and trying various strategies... it would only turn on. I wasn't able to un-lock it. So my husband (did I mention how wonderful he is?) went out and bought me a new iPhone with a stylish hard shell cover to "hopefully" keep it from happening again. I've learned my lesson, nothing is INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!