Monday, March 30, 2009

Epic Meal

Most of you know how picky my son is when it comes to him.  And how important it is that he keep something in his belly, no matter how small.  Well, lately he has been on an eating bender!  Maybe he's about to grow a foot?  His favorite meal is from Wendy's.  He can sit and eat the 5 piece chicken nuggets, a junior hamburger (minus onions) and a handful of fries!  It hasn't just ben a freak coincidence.  He has had this epic meal on several occasions.  He gives us glimpses of what meals are going to be like when he turns 16!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last Monday, we scheduled Owen's first play date with a school classmate for today.  We didn't know then that Mother Nature was going to dump a ton of snow and ice on us.  But that didn't stop the boys from getting together and playing.  Nathan Peak came over and even brought a change of clothes in case he got too wet from playing outside.  It worked out beautifully.  The boys played for about an hour and half downstairs in the playroom.  Then we bundled them up and out they went.  They were out there for about an hour.  And you all know me, I had my camera and was taking tons of pictures (from the comfort of my living room in slippers).  Nathan had such a good time, that as he left he tells me, "Maybe Owen can come to my house the next time it snows?  Like maybe, Christmas!"  You know what, he might be right.  Our next snow day just might be Christmas.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Are eye patches in season?

At my girlfriends request, I will share this embarrassing revelation!  From now on I will ONLY go to a professional eyebrow waxer.  I have always gone to Regis at the mall, mainly for the convenience of just walking in and out in 10 minutes.  However, yesterday has changed my priorities on this issue.  I was laying back and the girl was working on my left eyebrow, the one that was closer to her.  When she moved to the right one, she did a part of my eyebrow that she hadn't done on the left.  As soon as she pulled it, I heard a very slight, "ooohhh".  Then Allie, who was sitting in her stroller and had been completely silent, started asking, "Mommy, Okay?"  I didn't notice the damage until I was home and the pink color had faded.  At least it will grow back, Right?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rose Tinted Glasses

I've heard recently that facts are the facts, the way you look at them determines your attitude.  Well, today I put that theory to the test.  On the way to taking Owen to school, I noticed my car sounded a little slow to start.  When we went to pick him up from school, it was a little slower.  Jake was in the passenger seat so I asked him to look up our car dealer on my phone and see if he could get me an oil change appointment for the next morning and maybe look at my starter.  After he called and made my appointment for 10:00, I asked him to save the number in my phone so I can use it next time.  (Looking back, I might have had a psychic moment!)  We came home ate lunch, put Allie down for her nap and I decided to run my 3 miles on the treadmill.  Not a great run, but I was feeling the endorphins during my hot shower after.  I decided to go buy a new outfit for Girls Night Out and told Jake I would also pick him up some hummus and pita for dinner.  I drove to Ann Taylor, walked in picked it out, tried it on and bought it in under 10 minutes!  I drove to Bella Luna, walked in and got Jake's food.  I walked back to my car and tried to start it... NOTHING!  So I calmly called Jake to inform him of the situation.  I decided to call the dealer to see what they could do.  They were AWESOME!  He gave me a road-side assistance number to call and an account number for my extended warranty (amazing that I even had one) and his direct number in case I had any trouble.  Within 30 minutes a man was jumping my battery (which was about to die for good) and I was able to drive my car to the dealer.  They were able to get it in and replaced my battery, did my oil change, I got 4 new tires and they washed it for me by 6:00 (their closing time).  I even was able to get the car and get ready for Sumo with my girlfriends by 7:00.

Some might have gotten upset at the crazy sequence of events.  But NOT me!  I had the best day!  Everything worked out so smoothly.  And now I don't have to try to squeeze in an oil change today.

Special Thanks to all of those who got my car fixed at Davis Moore Mazda, Julie for picking me up at the dealer and Amy for taking me back to get the car.

Penny saved, Penny earned?

On the way to school yesterday, Owen was telling me he wanted to get a new light saber that pops out and makes noise.  I explained to him that he is more than welcome to spend his allowance on that.  "Oh no, mommy!" he answered.  "I am going to get Jet Storm and Jet Fire with my allowance."  I tell him that he only gets $5 a week and those transformers cost more.  "I know, mommy.  I asked Allison if I could have $23 from her piggy bank to get them and she said 'YES'."  I inquire as to when he asked her and he tells me this morning.

Apparently, when I told him he could save his allowance each week to buy something bigger, he thought he could just get the money from his sister.  At least he knows that we aren't made of money... but Allie is!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This might seem a little funny of a blog topic, but for those of you who know me know I don't cook that often.  Tonight I made Stromboli.  The kids and I shared 3/4 of it, which was just pepperoni and cheese.  Jake's 1/4 had cheese, hamburger, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.  I had ran the idea of it for dinner Friday.  I bought all the ingredients on Saturday.  I made it on Sunday.  And it was a success!  Jake liked his, but thinks next time more hamburger no tomatoes.  Owen, my toughest critic, LOVED it!  He ate the whole thing!  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one captures this budding cook's heart.  Who knows what's next on my cooking adventure?  I do know that Stromboli will definitely be making another appearance soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5-Spring Break, Nana's Farm

On Tuesday, we said farewell to Manhattan and cruised over to Nana's Farm.  Owen has been begging to stay the night on the farm.  It was awesome!  We got a tour of the land on the big John Deer Gator.  Then we watched the movie "Transformers".  Followed by some play time with bubbles outside.  Ending with Tacos for dinner and bath time in Nana's Whirlpool tub.  Both kids fell asleep quickly and slept straight through the night!!!  Enjoy the kodak moments.

Day 4-Spring Break, Manhattan!

We went to Manhattan, to spend the day with Aunt Nennie!  It was a whirlwind visit, but a blast none-the-less.  Manhattan has this park that Jake and I used to get subway to eat at and watch the kids play when we attended KSU.  It has since been remodeled.  It is awesome!!!  I am going to have to filter my tons to put up with this post.  The hotel we stayed at even had a pool and hot tub.  Big thanks to Nennie for being the hostess with the mostest.  And we'll let Manhattan return to normal before we strike again :)

P.S.  The park had the coolest swing!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2-Spring Break... SOCCER!!

Paige, Nathan, Owen, Hudson, Tommy and Conner.

Our team working on "Squash the Bug".

Paige and Owen encouraging each other.

Tommy's breakaway move!

Our #1 fan!

All week we've been both excited and dreading today's big soccer game.  It was the first one for our team and daddy is the coach.  But the way the weather has been, we were nervous.  However, we couldn't have asked for better weather.  The sun was out, a very light breeze, the temp was above 50 and the kids had a blast!  Our team (and their families) are awesome!  Everyone encouraging each other and everyone got to play.  There were some moments that the players decided they weren't going to play anymore, but no one gave up.  This was only the first game and I can't wait for next Saturday!!!

I took over 30 pictures.  These are just a few of the highlights.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 1-Spring Break

Today, Friday the 13th, was Owen's last day of school before Spring Break.  Allie was so excited she couldn't or wouldn't take a nap.  So after about an hour in her bed, I went in and got her and the kids decided to play at the kitchen table so I could get important stuff done.  Like this blog!  I had to take a few shots of how wonderful they are at this age to work independently and encourage each other from across the table.  Below is a blip of dialogue.

Owen: "That's a really good job, Baby."
Allie: "Mmmhmm.  Thanks, Bubba."
Owen: "What do you think of my dragon?"
Allie: "Grrrrr!  I like it!"
Owen: "Thanks, Baby."

I wonder how long I have until the bickering starts?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Know It All?

Lately, Allie has been picking up phrases from others and using them herself.  Our favorite one, "I know, Mommy.  I KNOW!"  I'm not sure where she heard it, but she owns it now.  I know everyone goes through a phase where they think they know more than their parents.  I knew it ended once you have kids of your own, but I had no idea it started at the ripe age of 2 years and 2 months!  Lucky me!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Class of 2022!

Tonight was Wheatland Elementary School's Kindergarten Round-up parent meeting.  Can you believe it?  My baby is going to be going to kindergarten in 6 months!  The school building is new, it even has that "New School" smell.  The principal got up in front of all of us eager parents and did a great job keeping the meeting short and still getting all the important questions answered.  We got introduced to a few teachers and support staff, got a take-home folder filled with multiple information sheets and ended it with a tour of the kindergarten classrooms.  I'm not sure who is going to be more excited, me or Owen?  I even got giddy when they told us school supply lists will be mailed soon.  Our friends, the Williams, got to enjoy the experience with us.  Next year is going to be so fun!  The last image on the principals power point was a picture of the school with the words, "Wheatland Warriors, Class of 2022".  I almost can't believe it, my baby is going to be in kindergarten!

Girls Weekend

Gas for the trip...... $15
2 night stay at a suite.....$11
Meals with no kids.....$150
Getting to know my girlfriends..... Priceless!