Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween to all our witches, goblins, ghouls and monsters! Tonight we went out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It was so much fun! Allie was very social. She'd start by saying, "Happy Trick-or-Treat". Then proceed to tell them who she was dressed as (in case there was some question). We only went down one block (both sides) and still walked away with a bucket full each. It wasn't the same as the years before with all our friends, but it was enough. Next year... PARTY at the Arnetts!!!!!

Boba Fett, Dorothy and Glenda
Thanks Erin, for letting me borrow your costume.

The dynamic duo! Ready to head out!

Two happy kids with their loot!

Watching the "Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and eating popcorn to warm up.

The next door neighbors left these on our front step.
Owen and Allie made them "thank you" cards.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Into the Mystic...

I love this song! It has been playing through my head all day. It doesn't help that we spent the entire day in Mystic, CT. It was so wonderful. This little town built right on the Mystic River. Boats, fall leaves, hats (I bought a cute wool one) and oysters. We visited the Mystic Seaport and then down to Main Street. We saw Mystic Pizza (YEP! The very one the movie was filmed about.). We didn't eat there THIS time, but we are planning on it being our destination for dining next time. Oh yes, there will be a NEXT time!

Welcome, indeed!

One giant anchor

Cool boat on land

1841 whaleship, Charles W. Morgan
We went in this boat.

I love this house. I saw it from across the river from the top of the boat above.

The kids posing for a funny picture.

These guys were really good.

The kids each made their own toy boat.

The Mystic Pizza

Where we did eat lunch.
It was VERY good.

Allie and I sitting by the river.
I'm wearing my new hat!

This picture says it all!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Invisible Friend

I assume that everyone has had one. You know, that person you can practice conversations with. They don't talk back and they let you just express yourself. Well, Allie has one. Her name is Madame De Bosse (pronounced Bossae, sounds like "Bossy"). When we were walking home from the park today, Allie was pretending to be talking to someone on a pretend cell phone. When it appeared that her conversation was over, I asked who she was talking to. I was anticipating her saying someone we know. But she tells me without skipping a beat, "Oh, that? It was Madame De Bosse. She was wanting to know what my plans were for this afternoon." I probed a little farther and asked what she looks like. "She has a white face, bright red lipstick, red hair and a purple dress. And she is always cranky." The above picture of Natasha was the closest I could come to the description. What a creative little girl I have!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My running partner

It was a cool, crisp Fall morning. I decided to take advantage of some alone time and go for a run. I've always loved running with company, it seems to make the time fly by. But recently, I have been running by myself... or so I thought. Fresh Pond is my route du' jour. I know the distance and it's away from traffic. While I was finishing my usual loop around the area, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone. The trees, water and even the wind was encouraging me to go a little farther. So for the first time, I ran the circuit 2 times. The second time I took it easy and enjoyed the view. My running partner is quiet, but very supportive. I had a smooth trail with fresh air to energize me to keep going. Some people say nature is inspiring to the artist. I say, it inspires the athlete. Next time, I think my partner might suggest 3 laps!

I took this beautiful picture today, of my running partner.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, Ghosts and Cats... Oh My!

It's October, so the kids and I got out our construction paper, crayons, scissors and markers to make the apartment "spooky". We had a blast making them all while wearing our p.j.'s! After the decorations were done, we hung them throughout the room. I even bought some of the fake spider web for Owen to give it that extra "BOO" factor. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

Kids helping each other.

Allie modeling a witches hat she designed.

Owen making his ghost's face.

My contribution, a jack-o-lantern.

The finished product and 2 very happy kids.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Head of the Charles Regatta

Us by the Charles River.

This was a BIG Saturday for us. We started out as the 4 of us walking down to the Charles River to see the Regatta. It was chilly, but it was really interesting. I think Allie might try to do crew when she gets older.

The view from the Harvard Footbridge.

Some of the 4 crew teams.

The kids and I.

Daddy and Owen.

Then we split up. The boys crossed over into the Brookline side of the bridge for an adventure and the girls went back to the Cambridge side to run some errands in Harvard Square. Then Allie and I ended up at the Prudential Building. It is this huge shopping area that takes up about 5 buildings with walk-ways that connect them over the streets below. It was so cool! There was this trick-or-treat theme going on. Lots of costumes, candy and we even found face painting! Allie decided to go scary.


This was a shark she hugged.

Here is Clifford the Dog.

Then we wandered into the Barnes and Noble to meet up with Kris and Maddi for a play date. We got to see a "Nellie" from Little House on the Prairie.

Nellie and some guy.

After some visiting at the bookstore, they took us to their favorite wishing fountain. Maddi brought a bunch of pennies for them to toss.

Maddi, Allie and Kris.

Allie and Maddi.

As we walked out of the shopping area, we saw these really cool and old churches. I had to take a picture of each. I will definitely be coming here again.

Church #1.

Church #2.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Never Fully Dressed, Without A Smile!


For the past 2 months, I've noticed that if you have enough confidence you could wear ANYTHING!!! I thought that maybe it was just that I wasn't really into the latest trends. But some of these people don't worry about trends... or mirrors for that matter. If it makes them happy, that's all that matters.

The above lady was captured today waiting to cross the street. We are SO lucky it came out a little fuzzy thanks to my iPhone. (But you get the idea.) This fashion victim was wearing white tennis shoes, dark navy tights, turquoise shirt and a skirt (I think) made of two layers of assorted neckties. I was glad she was wearing dark tights, because the ties weren't sewn together. It was almost "gladiator-ish".

I've seen A LOT of things since moving here. And realizing that if it makes you feel good go for it, I've actually branched out in my own wardrobe. I just hope Kansas takes me back!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salem, MA-Take 2

The weather is amazing and the leaves are beautiful... so we got in the car and drove back to Salem for lunch. Allie dressed in her Cinderella costume and Owen brought his but it stayed in the car. We took the tour of The Witch House, very cool. Then we got some lunch at a cool restaurant. What a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Owen, Allie and me outside The Witch House.

Live Statue, she was GOOD!

The place where we ate, Rockafellas.

This drink description amused me. You even have to sign a waiver before you get it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Play Date with a Classmate

The only picture I got of the 4 of them.

After school today Allie, Owen and I quickly parked the car in the garage and went to Porter Square station to take the T to South Station. We had a play date at the Boston Children's Museum with a classmate of Owen. The little boy is named Jonas and he has a little sister named Ava who is 4. They both take dance/ballet at the same place as Allie. Jonas is even going to be in the Nutcracker. The dad, Lance, stays at home and the mom, Renee, is an Oncologist. She specializes in breast cancer. It was wonderful. Ava loved playing with Owen and Allie. Jonas played with Owen off and on, when he wasn't begging his mom to go to the gift store. :) I can't wait to do more things with this family. We had a lot in common.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Style, All His Own

Not Owen, but it's who I felt like I was talking to!

I always knew that some day, I wouldn't be able to just dress my kids. They would have an opinion and a say in what went on their body. For some reason, I figured it would be Allie and probably when she started school. (She tends to notice what others are wearing, especially if it is prettier than what she's got!) But recently, my 6 year old son has been the one speaking up. A couple of weeks ago, I bought him a black long-sleeve shirt that had flames painted on the sleeves and a hooded sweatshirt with the Jolly Roger on the front. Both articles of clothing seemed to scream him... but I was soon proven otherwise. As soon as I showed him, he gave me a frown and said, "I don't like them." I tried to show how cool they were, but he just told me he wasn't going to wear them to school. "They are too embarrassing." WHAT? I explained to him that he needed the warmer clothes and he said he would wear them on the weekend or during school vacations. I'm sorry, where did this all come from and what did you do with my sweet little boy? Tomorrow is picture day. The two of us discussed what he will be wearing and we came to a mutual agreement. Hopefully he smiles.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road Rage!!!!

This blog has been a long time coming. For the last 2 months, I have witnessed an amazing behavior in society. The people here tend to have an air of "entitlement". Their life is more important than anyone else who would happen to cross their path. I'm not exactly sure where to begin... so I'll start with what brought out my first episode of "Road Rage" ever! (Those of you who have ridden with me, know I am the calmest most law abiding driver.)

Today, Allie and I were out running errands. I was first at a light that is 1- Very short and 2 in a crazy 5-way intersection. I've been through it several times. Most times there are "ballsy" drivers that will enter the intersection even when they know they will wind up sitting in the middle of the road. This very situation happened. So when my light turned green, I pulled into the intersection as far as I could, thanks to a driver already sitting in the road. A taxi was behind me honking to move. Then this idiot had the audacity to pull around me and cut the car off that was in front of me. I had my window down and proceeded to scream at him, "WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GO? I'D BE HAPPY TO GO THERE, BUT THERE IS A CAR IN FRONT OF ME!" Allie sitting in the car seat behind me says, "You yell at him, mommy!" Now this craziness doesn't stop here, because the car that was behind the taxi proceeds to do the EXACT SAME THING! They made their own lane and passed me AND the car that was in front of me.

The sad thing is, I see this behavior all the time. In pedestrians, bike riders, bus drivers, taxi and other drivers. I've grown up in Kansas my whole life. There are people who drive faster and more careless than me back home, but here it's to the tenth power! One of these days I will make a blog about several of the good stories of pompousness.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl Solo Date

Tonight, Jake came home and I went out on a "Carrie Date". I put on my headphones and walk around. I go into stores that I've been wanting to check out, I eat cool things at restaurants I've been wanting to try and I treat myself to a little "pampering".

This is a picture of me as I was walking out the door.

This is a cool second-hand shop.

I ate at this place called "Cambridge Common". I had crab cakes, a cup of clam chowder (my first time) and a Caesar Salad. It was SO GOOD!!!

I went into this exotic boutique and bought a hat.

I even stopped and got a "City Haircut".
I forgot to take a picture of this COOL salon, "Judy Jetson". I will blog about that experience tomorrow.

The kids wanted their picture with me. Owen took this one.

Allie took this one with me in my new hat.