Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This was a good thing... right?

On Sunday, Jake and Owen went on an adventure to bring us home a new pet.  (Since his first pet, Sharky, the goldfish, died after 2 days.)  They came home with two hermit crabs.  The painted one is named "Turnie" and the non-painted one is "Curnie".  We don't get the names either.

Owen has been very excited about this new addition to our family and proudly shows it to any visitors we have.  However this morning was another story.

Daddy and Owen were taking the water and food bowls out of the cage to clean and refill.  Owen asked to hold "Turnie", which he has on several occasions.  This time didn't go the way Owen wanted.  Maybe a minute after Daddy put the crab on his eager open hand, I saw him tense up and open his mouth to scream.  Our beloved pet decided to pinch Owen on the hand.  We quickly got the crab off his hand and back in the cage, but Owen was devastated.  It took at least 15 minutes to calm him down.  He couldn't understand why his pet would do something so mean to him.  What did he do?

So as not to leave any of you hanging, our home is calm again and the pinch mark is gone.  We still love our new family members, but we are going to be a little more cautious.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last week we took a trip to my mom's farm.  It was the first time either of my kids have been to a farm, besides the one at the zoo.  They rode on the gator, explored the creek, saw baby ducks, ate watermelon and best of all... played with the baby kittens!  Ever since that trip, Allison has been saying "Meow" and "Kitty".  I predict we will own a cat someday in my future.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

When I grow up...

Today Owen told mommy and daddy that he wants to turn the "Ping-Pong" room into a school where he can teach kids.  He has plans to paint the walls to look like a jungle.  The kids can play on the equipment and eat their lunch and snacks upstairs at table.  He thinks he is going to be a great teacher, but school will be in mommy and daddy's basement.  Those of you who have known me since I was little will find this funny and familiar.  Those of you who know me now recognize the planner in mini-me.

Last night Allison was in full on wrestle mania with Owen and daddy.  At one point she pushed Owen over and body slammed on top of him.  I guess the WWE will need strong female role models.  So much for our delicate flower:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

All Worth It...

Night terrors, freak-outs, sleep deprivation, growing pains...I've read about them all and yet it still upsets me a little to have to go through an episode with my son in the middle of the night listening to him scream/cry at me with random bursts that make no sense.

Tonight it only lasted about 15 minutes, while I played his relaxing music he sat in the corner of his room rocking and screaming off and on.  Finally, I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up and put him back into bed.  That I would rub his legs, just like I do for daddy.  Between sighs he says that he would like that.  So I pick him up and lay him down.  He rolls with his back to me, so I start slowly rubbing one leg and then the other.  I cover him with his blanket and he slowly rolls onto his back with his eyes shut.  He looks like an angel, even though I feel like hell.  I whisper, "I love you".  Then it happens, while he is laying there with his eyes still closed, he whispers, "I love you, too."

I slowly raise myself off the floor by his bed, close his bedroom door and walk back to my room in the dark.  I will do this as many times as I need to, he is my angel, my son and I love him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a girl wants...

I went to Bunco last night feeling like I needed some time with my girlfriends, but not feeling totally into it.  I had to take my two angels with me and any changes to their routines irks me a little.  But I am so glad I did go!  My children were fine and didn't need me too much.  And it always feels good to have adult conversations and learn new things about friends.

When I got home and my babies were asleep, I sat and glowed in the happy thoughts of how lucky I am to have the girlfriends that I have in my life.  Each one contributes something amazing to make me who I am.  Even my sister, mother, grandmother and best friends from my past.  Whether it is a quick visit or text chats or even phone calls, my days are better having them a part of it.  So I would like to send a "Shout Out" and a thank you to each and every one of you.  Thanks!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favorite part of the day...

Tonight I was able to capture a few moments that I am lucky to experience almost every night.  Some fortunate ones out there have been in my shoes and given my two children a bath together.  There is just something magical about their innocence while playing together.  I want them to stay this age forever.  I guess I will always have memories and these few moments I was able to capture in pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

SPF Cool!

On the way to dinner last night, Owen put on his sun glasses for the ride there.  I turned around and took his picture.  I told him he looked so big.  His response, "I look good and they protect my eyes from the sun."

Tough Cookie!

Here is our little angel.  As you can see, she has some major scraps on her nose and fore head.  Last night at the pool we were walking to the towels and she tripped and caught herself with her face on the pavement.  She didn't cry too much and it didn't even look like anything.  Then this morning I was getting her out of bed and saw the marks of a warrior.  She is one tough cookie!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cycle of Life...

My husband's roommate and close friend from college came by for a visit this morning.  He had never met Allison and Owen was Allie's age when he last saw him.  He was smitten by Allison's charms, but it was Owen's bottomless knowledge that impressed him.  The two of them were in our playroom and Owen was showing him all of his toys.  More specifically the plastic animals and dinosaurs.  Of course Owen was naming them all as he handed each toy to our friend.  Then our friend thought he would ask some questions concerning the toys.

Friend: "What kind-of dinosaur is this?"  (picking up a random dino)
Owen:  "That is an Apatosaurus."  (pausing and looking for a second)
Friend:  "What do they eat?"
Owen:  "They are plant eaters."
Friend:  "What does this one eat?"  (holding up another dino)
Owen:  "That is a T-Rex.  He is a meat eater.  (stopping what he was doing and looking at our friend now)  See, the plant eater eats plants but then they become the meat for the meat eaters to eat."  (moving on with his previous project)

All the adults in the room started laughing and our friend says, "That makes perfect sense.  Can't argue with that."

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's the end of the world...

...blisters!  As adults we take this minor injury with a grain of salt.  It is just a fact of life.  My son however, experienced his first today and you would have thought he was dying.  We went to Exploration Place for about an hour of playing.  At the end, I took him into the bathroom.  He was taking off his new slip-on dock shoes telling me that his feet were hurting.  I glanced down and saw that the pinkie toes on both his feet had popped blisters.  Not aware of the pain these can cause, my son reached down to pull off the flap of skin.  You guessed it!  Blood-curdling screams came from our stall and could be heard at the castle.  I had to carry him and his shoes to the car as he continued to wail in my ear.  He calmed down enough on the drive home to sob and talk about these new travesties of life.  He claimed he couldn't do anything because he now had bad toes.  I tried to explain that everyone gets these from time to time.  He wasn't buying it.  I guess some lessons in life are harder when your 3.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

This fourth of July, we spent the afternoon and early evening with our friends.  This was the first year Owen was able to appreciate it.  Nathan and Owen were thrilled when the first firecraker went off.  Tommy watched from a distance.  Allison was a little scared, but took refuge in Daddy's arms.  Good times, great memories.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Best Friends

This is just a snapshot from a recent trip to the local spray park.  Jake saw it on the computer and asked that I put it on the blog.  I would call this the beginning to a fun summer.