Saturday, February 20, 2010

Food Critic

For a while now, Jake has had a desire to make the best pancakes from scratch. Normally we use the shake/pour bottles. Since he has been on vacation this past week he's tried making "Old Fashioned" pancakes. Owen, our pancake connoisseur, didn't like them so much. "I like the ones from IHOP!" So Daddy got on line and found the recipe for IHOP Pancakes. I went to the store today and bought what ingredients we didn't already have and he made Owen "IHOP Pancakes" for lunch. They were a BIG hit! Owen ate 8 little ones. I even had a medium sized one. They were good, but a little to sweet for me. I'll stick to the shake/pour bottles. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WDW Day 6-Magic Kingdom (Part 3)

Cozy Buddies!

The "Bad Guys".

Fairy Rosette

Fairy Tinker Bell

Fairy Silvermist

Saturday was a little cold, so we broke down and bought a blanket and two pairs of gloves for mommy and daddy. We rode a few rides in Tomorrowland and ate some lunch. Then Allie and Mommy went to see some fairies at Fern Gully. I would have to say that Magic Kingdom was our FAVORITE!

WDW Day 5-Animal Kingdom (Part 2)

Winnie the Pooh



On Friday, instead of going to Epcot, we decided to head back to Animal Kingdom to see if "Mt. Everest" ride was working. It was so Daddy and Owen rode the ride. We also saw a few characters from Pooh Corner for autographs and photos. We ate lunch at a place called Restaurantasaurus. Yeah, it was "Dinoland". Since it had been lightly showering the whole morning we decided to head back to the resort for a quiet afternoon. While we were in our room, it proceeded to down pour outside. Talk about LUCK!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Force is strong with this one!

The training class.

Owen's big moment.

Oh, NO! It's Darth Vader!!!

Owen WINS!!!!

Getting his congratulations from his Jedi Master.

The trainees facing the audience.

Owen with his Jedi certificate of completion.

This experience was a big effort and worth every minute. We noticed the area right when we got in the park. Owen was all for it. There was this line, but we weren't sure what that was for. So we just stood there and watched for about 20 minutes. Finally, we figured out that we would have to stand in line for our chance for Jedi training. So Daddy and Owen agreed to stand in line while Allie and Mommy went to see if there was something for the girls to do. We saw a show about Aerial was going to be showing about 45 minutes later. So we got our "Fast Pass" tickets for the show and went back to see how the boys were. We get back and find out that they weren't picked for the 11:45 show. So I take both kids to the "Indiana Jones" show while Daddy stays in line hoping for the next show. Half way through the show, Jake texts me that Owen in on the list but has to be there in 10 minutes! So we leave the show and hall butt to get him there. I drop him off with Jake and they tell me he is in for the 12:30 show. So Allie and I run to catch the Aerial show and just make it back in time to watch Owen do his training. Owen got to fight Darth Vader, as Jake put it, "So worth the 2 hour wait in line!" I sensed he wished it could have been him. :)

WDW Day 4-Hollywood Studios

Allie getting her face painted.

So pretty!

Guess who isn't happy?

Watching "Indiana Jones" action show.

Daddy and Allie coming down from the jungle net.

This one is for you Gramma Karen!

Green Army Man from "Toy Story".

"Toy Story Mania" ride. AWESOME!!!

On Thursday we explored Hollywood Studios Park. As the name says, it had a ton of movie themed activities. Allie saw a face painting station and insisted on getting her face done first thing! So Owen got to buy a toy whip, just like Indiana Jones. We saw a few shows and did a few rides, but the big thing was the Jedi Training. But that is for a blog all of it's own.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A princess of our own!

Fairy Godmother working her magic


How pretty!

My happy crew

Making a wish by "Cinderella's Fountain"

The hostess at dinner in the castle... Cinderella

Owen making a wish before dinner.

Princess Aurora


Snow White... And Snow White!

I love this one!

Her prince!


Eating her "Royal Dessert".

Allie was so serious during her entire make-over process. We had not one, but TWO fairy Godmothers working on her. One did her hair and another did her make up and nails. She was so still and really didn't talk too much. She was so good. Daddy and Owen met us after she was done and we rode on Dumbo's Flying ride. Then we caught a showing of "Mickey's Philharmagic". Our dinner at the castle was worth every penny! We met our hostess in the entry of the castle and got some pictures taken. Then while we were eating, several other princesses came around to meet us. Snow White was our favorite, she loved how pretty Allie was. This is what dreams are made of!

WDW Day 3-Magic Kingdom (Part 2)

Mad Tea Cups... Let's Spin!



Princess Aurora

Barnstormer... Allie's first rollercoster

Having tea at Minnie's house

Outside Mickey's house


Yes Folks, SHE'S driving!

Alice from Wonderland

Boys sporting 3D glasses for "Mickey's Philharmagic"

The first half of our Day 2 of Magic Kingdom we explored Fantasyland, Mickey's Toon Town and Tomorrowland (as a group). We started things off with a spin in some "Mad" tea cups and the meet and great of a few princesses (Owen didn't want to be a part of it, but he went along to watch. What a good big brother!) Allie rode her first roller coaster and LOVED it! The kids got to test their driving skills on the Indy Track and we ate some lunch. Then we split up. Boys went to ride some rides and met Buzz Lightyear. The girls ran into Alice on our way to the caste for a make-over session. We met later for a 3D movie and dinner. It was a great day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

WDW Day 2-Magic Kingdom


The Haunted Mansion... What were we THINKING!!!!

Riding the Liberty Bell

Alladin's Magic Carpet Ride

We are having SO MUCH FUN!

Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom. We toured Frontierland, Adventureland and Liberty Square. Owen rode his first roller coaster with Daddy, "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad". He loved it! We might have permanently scared our kids by making them ride "The Haunted Mansion". Allie was scared, but didn't cry until we got off and she saw Owen sobbing. We gathered ourselves on the slow boat ride and decided to grab some lunch. We were still a little jumpy during the "Tiki Room" but the "Pirates of the Caribbean" made Allie a little gun shy for the next few days. :( Magic Kingdom (Take 1)... CHECK!