Monday, May 30, 2011

Training-week 10

15 miles, NO PROBLEM


Yep, that's what I thought when I was at mile 2 into my 15 mile run today. I decided to run 5 laps around Fresh Pond, which was a blessing beyond belief. I took an entire bag of gummy bears and a full water bottle. There was SO MUCH sweat! Half way through my first lap of the pond I realized I would have to stop at the Conservation Center and refill. So I did. EVERY SINGLE TIME I PASSED IT! That's right. I ran 15 miles and consumed over 120 ounces of H2O. With all this hydration, I had to make a pee stop at the Center 4 out of the 5 times I was there. But I can honestly say, "This was a great run!" It was the farthest I have ever run. I did it in less time than I was planning (11 minute average pace). I love my gummy bears (I ate the whole bag). I know I'll hit "the wall" at some point on these long runs, but until then... I will LOVE every minute of them.

And as a reward, I got a much needed and deserved "posh pedicure".

Red Hot Riley

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine, the last state in New England for us to visit. CHECK!

We drove up after dinner on Friday night. It was late when we rolled in, so it was to bed for a big day on Saturday. Unfortunately, the FOG was what we woke up to. If you are ever wondering why Steven King almost always has a fog in his books... it's because it is REALLY FOGGY in Maine. Especially on these islands. But we don't let the weather stop us. We got in the car and drove into Bar Harbor to walk around and eat some breakfast.

This fountain is near the harbor... Can you see it?

One of my main goals on this trip was to walk along the sand bar. Apparently at low tide you can walk between the islands. I thought this would be really cool. So we went to check it out at high tide for a comparison.

The kids at waters edge. At low tide we are suppose to be able to walk to that island.
We shall see...

After breakfast, at this cool dinner, we drove up to Cadillac Mountain. Again, the fog put a little glitch in this plan. It was sort-of fun driving up and not really seeing ANYTHING. So we parked the car and decided to explore on foot.
Owen climbing

Allie having a ball.

The view?

Owen checking out a trail.

The view from the trail.

Made it to the top!

We got back in the car and drove into the town again. I thought we should check out the tide situation before lunch. I'm so glad we did!

The kids standing in the same spot as above.

They weren't kidding when they said you can WALK on the sea floor to the neighboring island. You know us, we did it!

Allie and I walked together and collected shells.

You can barely make out Owen and Jake on the island.

We caught up with the boys and looked back at Bar Harbor.

My usual kids shot.

My boys!

We found a trail that leads into the island, so you know we had to check that out too!

Owen leading the way.

We crossed back over the sand bar and went to have some lunch. There was this cool theme-restaurant called "Route 66". It had some REALLY good lobster and crab. Maine sure does know how to make seafood.

Outside the lunch place. It was located in an alley!

Across the street was this ice cream place we went to.

The kids and I each got some ice cream.

The name of the ice cream and dessert emporium.
One word...YUM!

We went back to the hotel to rest for a while. Then we ate dinner at a cool restaurant called "Geddy's". The weather wasn't as super as we would have liked, but we weren't staying much longer.

After a leisure morning, we packed up and drove back to Cambridge. Honestly, it was the perfect length of a trip. Next road trip... THE DRIVE HOME!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

ahhhh, 3 day weekend!

I feel this picture of Allie captures EXACTLY how I am feeling. I am finishing up the packing for our last trip while here in Boston. We are going to Bar Harbor, Maine for the weekend. No real plans. Just going to enjoy each other and the wonderful weather. We are so enjoying our weekends. I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If you need a laugh...

I'm sure on some level, this is wrong for me to be posting this. But every time I watch it, I almost die laughing. So if you find yourself in need of a smile, enjoy this clip of my wonderful kids!

Convenience at it's BEST!

I have had the "BEST DAY".

Allow me to elaborate. I was told last month that my car would need it's front brake pads replaced. Since we will be driving to Maine this weekend (and to Wichita, KS in 5 weeks), I felt we should get it done soon. Today is my day off from working out, so after dropping Owen off at school we took my car to the mechanic.

If I were to do this back home, it would be a bit of a hassle. But here, NO WAY! The car place is within walking distance of the amazing park. The weather was PERFECT, so we played from 9:00-11:00 at the park. Then we walked to Panera for lunch. After lunch, the car wasn't ready yet (no problem). We walked to Target. Buy the things on my list and we are walking back to the car place. The owner of the shop is finishing up my car as we walk in. He even drives it around the block to make sure the brakes don't stick or make noise. The timing is unbelievable. I drive to Owen's school right on time to pick him up.

Our day goes on, just as wonderful as it started. But I can't get over how convenient it was this morning, being able to walk everywhere. This is one thing I will miss when we move back to Kansas.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boxes, boxes, boxes!

5 weeks!

That's right! 5 weeks left here in Cambridge. Which means it's time to start boxing up the stuff we and throwing away the stuff that doesn't make the cut.

Yesterday, the Beans texted to see if my kids wanted to come over to play in the afternoon. HECK YEAH! So with no kids in the car, Jake and I stopped at a U-Haul store and bought 14 boxes. For those of you who know me, know that this put me in a euphoric high. I was itchin to start. So today, while Jake went for a run, I started putting some boxes together and packing up our winter stuff.

I bought the kids each a new Rubbermaid tub for extra toys.

3 boxes packed and labeled. 1 bag (so far) to donate.

Boxes waiting to be put to use.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Training-week 9

I can't believe it! I just finished my 9th week of training for this marathon. I'm a third of the way done. I ran 6 miles, 5 of them hills. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, so you guessed it, I went to Fresh Pond. I'm going to miss it in about 5 weeks. I truly think that it has helped me look at running differently. Everyone here runs, walks or rides a bike. So when I'm driving around seeing them, I feel like I'm missing out on something. Then, my long runs come. I get to be a part of it. I'm out there. I love it! Next on my training schedule... 15 miles!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"So much time, so little to do... STRIKE THAT. Reverse."

To quote one of my FAVORITE movies. We had a moving company come to the apartment to give us an estimate on how much it will cost to move home. It costs us more to move home than it did to move out here last summer. (I'll blame rising gas prices!) But this is the beginning of a whirl-wind of activity in Arnett-ville. The following is a list of all that will happen between now and "M" Day (Moving Day), June 25th.

  1. A visit from our friends, the Prices!
  2. GLEE Live concert.
  3. Scooper Bowl (it involves ice cream and the Jimmy Fund)
  4. Weekend trip to Bar Harbor, Maine
  5. Duck Boat Tour
  6. Two different girlfriends of mine want to take me to dinner before we leave. (2 different nights, both are named Michele/Michelle)
  7. We are hosting a "Farewell Play Date" with our family friends, the Beans and Fortners.
  8. Allie has 2 more dance classes. One will be a parent observation recital.
  9. Jake has a graduation/dinner we will be dressing up and attending.
  10. A Fellowship-Family dinner.
  11. Family trip to Coco Keys Resort.
  12. I'm getting a pedi-cure! (I'm very excited about this one!)
  13. Owen's first grade "Writer's Workshop Readings".
  14. Owen's last day of school. (June 23rd)
  15. Packing up our stuff and taking out the stuff we don't want.
  16. Cleaning the apartment.
On top of this, I'm still training (kicking BUTT) for my marathon. I love my life. Now, I just have to go find some boxes!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A random picture I recently took of Allie.
(Yes, she is asleep!)

Below is a conversation that just took place in the kids bedroom.

Allie (looking at a tub of stuffed animals)- "Mommy, I'm not sure how I want to arrange these to play with. I think we should hire someone to set it up for me."

Me (laughing so hard I can't breathe)- "Oh... really."

Daddy (walking into the room, hearing the conversation)- "Well, you are definitely a 'Doctor's Daughter'."


Me (laughing even harder)

Sunday, May 15, 2011



While my dad was visiting, I scheduled a "much needed" haircut. I'm not much for one with long hair. My son LOVES long hair (on girls, not him). My daughter likes long hair, but she loves the attention she gets when she gets her hair cut. My husband prefers short hair, lucky for me. So I went back to the place I went to in October. But my Psychic Hair Dresser was gone. I selected another veteran hair stylist. Her name is Linda. I have to quote her bio from the website (

Linda K has been a stylist at Judy Jetson for 18 years. She loves everything about short hair: femmi, butch, diesel, androgenous, sassy, and/or sporty women, as well as trendy, feminine, shaggy, masculine, and/or clean-cut men. She also adores Asian hair and all types of bobs, but most of all she loves her beautiful wife and FOUR amazing dogs!

Now I'm not exactly sure what the diesel is, but I figured that my hair was only shoulder length and if I get it cut that would qualify for a "short" style. Linda was awesome! She loved my occipital bone? I didn't even know that was the name of that part of my skull. She then raved about how THICK my hair was. After walking around me for about 5 minutes, petting my head, she smiles and looks at me and says, "I know EXACTLY what you need!" Who can argue with a statement like that? An hour later, and several comments (she asked if I ever thought of getting a perm to even out my wave in the back. But then she laughed and said, "You can think about it. This is after all our first date!"), I walked out of there very happy with how it looked. Even the following day after I worked out and showered. This just might be a first! I loved my hair! Apparently Linda DID know what I needed. See for yourself.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Training-week 8 (epiphany)

I couldn't stop at 13, so I ran 13.1. (half marathon)

I have always been a "list" person. I mentally think that if it is written down somewhere, it's basically a done deal. So if you were to look at my running schedule, you might think it's time for medication. I have it written down not once or twice, but it is in 4 different locations. Talk about "set-in-stone". I have a hard time skipping a task that seems so important. So I don't. I don't even mentally think up excuses or dread any of my workouts. Talk about an epiphany! I used to be pretty good about sticking with an exercise routine, but life always tended to take a priority to it. Now I have a whole new outlook on the concept of exercise. I don't even really think about it. I know it's written down on the calendar (like going to the library to return books), so I just do it. If "life" happens, I make alterations to my schedule. I haven't skipped a SINGLE workout in the last 8 weeks! Even when we had visitors here. I know I'm still a ways away from the marathon, but somehow I feel like I've beaten the first obstacle that people face when training. I'll keep you all posted!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I know that someday, in my not so far away future, my adorable daughter is going to KILL me for posting these. But look at her, can you blame me? We recently watched her brother's performance that had a Paul Revere scene. So it was VERY entertaining when she came riding through the apartment yesterday on her "princess" pony with a Sheriff hat on saying, "The Rediler is out". (She was thinking, The Red Coats are coming.) Close enough. Needless to say, I was laughing pretty hard.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Massachusetts says "Hi" to Papa George

Yesterday we picked Papa George up at the airport. We didn't even get back to the apartment, parked the car and ate dinner at Mr. Bartley's. (Yes, I know. We take EVERYONE there!) Then we followed the meal with the "Harvard Tour" as Owen likes to call it.

Papa George and Owen

Allie wearing the hat that Papa George drew for her.

Dad and I found this church hidden on our walk.
There is so many cool buildings here!

Today I called Owen's school and told them that he wouldn't be there. We loaded up the car and drove to Salem. It was a little cool, but we had a BLAST!

We went on a "History of the Witch" tour.

Salem has a way of "bewitching" you!

The crew sitting on the front step of "The Witch's House".


I can't wait to see what else we do this week!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day-Boston Style

Where do I begin?

This is my #500 post! So you know it's going to be a BIG one.

I'll start with, I've had the BEST "Mother's Day" WEEKEND...EVER!!!

I had my training run Saturday morning. (I forgot to take a picture.) It was another 6 mile run with 4 miles of it hills. I got to do it around Fresh Pond, and the weather couldn't have been better. They were setting up for a community day there, so I got to see a new crew of people. After the run, we went to eat lunch at Coolidge Corner, like we usually do.

Then we took a trip to the Arboretum. We've been there 3 or 4 times and every time we've seen a different part of it. This time we went off the path and explored some of the area's flora at it's best. We had an amazing hike for about an hour, then we decided to "try" and find our way back to the car. I'll admit it, we got a little lost. But it was fun and we found the car right before it started to rain!
These are a few of the pics from that trip.

My crew

So handsome

"I picked these just for you!"

Today, being Mother's Day, we decided to take the whole family to a Red Sox game. It was Allie's first game. We left the apartment around 9:30 and didn't return until about 8:00. Talk about a BIG day. Instead of wasting words, I'll just share the amazing day in photos.

We are on our way!

The view from our seats.

My wonderful family.

4th inning ice cream

Face painting

Wii baseball (at Fenway)

Singing "Sweet Caroline"

Allie got a stuffed Wally, the Green Monster and Owen got a monkey in a Red Sox shirt. Then since it was Mother's Day, after the game they let families walk around the field. It was AWESOME!!!

The sign from the field.

Big dude and the crew

Red Sox dugout

Me and the kids in front of the score board.
They changed it to say "Happy Mother's Day".

Jake touching the "Green Monster".

The view as we were leaving the field.
You can make out the HUGE line of families still walking around the field.

As we were leaving, ushers gave me and the kids flowers.

Finally it was dinner time. So we got on the T and went to the Prudential building to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. As we were walking there, Jake spotted the "perfect" gift to get me. For those of you who know me, you will agree.

Now, my wardrobe is complete!