Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa ROCKS!!!

This morning Allie was the first one up! She was so good. She just looked at all the goodies Santa left for their stockings. Eventually, everyone else woke up. Owen and Allie couldn't stop raving about how Santa knew exactly what to get them. :)

And for the piece de resistance, Santa left a small white box with a big gold bow in his favorite spot downstairs. The kids eagerly opened the box to see what magic he left them. To their surprise, we got our wish. WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!

Santa included a letter that said,

"Owen and Allison,

I got your letter and I have to agree. A family vacation is just what your family needs. In this box is all you need to go. You and your parents will be flying on February 7th and staying a whole week at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The book I'm including tells you all about the different rides and shows to see. Make sure to take lots of pictures and make tons of memories.

Thanks for the No-Bake cookies and the milk. They are my favorite!



george said...

This will truly be a memorable Christmas for the kids!! The trip to Disney World will make it the one for many memories to come!!

The Starrs said...

I loved the note. Santa is so eloquent.