Monday, January 16, 2012

When Owen's away...

He's packed and ready to go!

Yep! Owen went to his first sleep over last night. I got several updates during the evening (Thanks, Julie) along with several cute pics. But I thought I would share what "the girls" did while he was gone.

First we went and ate dinner at Red Robin. Then we had an hour to visit the mall. So we prioritized what we wanted to to. First stop-Build A Bear. Allie picked out this little koala and 2 outfits. Then we stopped at Candyopolis on our way out and got some baby gummy bears and candy necklaces. We came home and took our bath (she had it all to herself). She chose a movie to watch while eating gummy bears, "Meet The Robinsons". As she sat and relaxed, I curled her hair in foam curlers. This was something I've thought about doing often but never had a chance to try it out. She loved it! I loved it! It brought back good memories of myself as a little girl.

Our nice set up.

Finished back

Finished front and Koala

I wrapped her head so the curlers would stay over night.

She was Shirley Temple this morning.

She was SO CUTE!!!

I will definitely be curling her hair again and often. And from what I hear, the sleep over was a HUGE success. Thanks again Prices for the invite!

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