Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loose Tooth? How about 2!!!!

She's very pleased!

You read that right! A few weeks ago I noticed that one of Allie's front bottom tooth was a little in front of the others. I told her I thought it might be loose. She was THRILLED!!! Then last week we went to the dentist and when the hygienist was checking her teeth she says, "Oh, you've got a loose tooth!" And just as I was about to say we thought so, she adds, "And so is it's neighbor tooth!" WHAT?? Sure enough, she showed me that BOTH front bottom teeth were loose. I wasn't sure if her mouth was ready for 2 missing teeth. Then tonight while I was helping the kids brush their teeth, I noticed that behind the original loose tooth was the top of her BIG TOOTH!!!! I guess ready or not, here come her ADULT TEETH!!! Check it out below!

The one on the right has the big tooth coming in right behind the baby tooth.


ozartink said...
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ozartink said...

will you need a dentist?? Or will Allie....speed things along?