Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm Q

Thank you, Storm Q!  Today became a "snow day" for everyone in the Arnett house.  The kids had no school, Jen's clinic was closed, Jake was post night call and Nick seems to ALWAYS be here.  :)

So we just HAD to get out in it!  Jake went for a run at 8:00 am, we went to the backyard for some fun.

 The view from our front door.

Yep, Jen is up to her knee in snow.  And it's still falling!!! 

Owen burying himself in snow. 

Face plant, in the softest snow EVER! 

Having fun! 

Not quite snowballs, but still cold. 

Nick is even eating the snow.  Possibly to get through it.

We came inside to warm up, bake cookies, start chili in the crockpot and drink hot chocolate.  Thank you, Storm Q!

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