Thursday, April 18, 2013



For the last week, we've been walking around with a hole in our hearts.  We would have moments when we would think we needed to walk Nick, hear him or need to check his water.  He was a part of our daily life.  But within the last 48 hours, we've fixed that!  Jake contacted a breeder who had a 10 month old chocolate lab male.  They gave him their phone number to call and set up a visitation.  I called yesterday afternoon and talked to the owner.  She said this dog in particular was living with a trainer (literally 5 minutes from our house) and that we could stop by and see him.  By 3, I had called and set up a "meet and greet" for 5:30.  There was some excitement building in the car as we made our way there.  This dog is amazing!  He's still got some puppy energy, but no more puppy teeth.  He's been crate/leash/hunting & field trained.  The kids loved him!  Jake LOVED him.  I love him too!!!  So we wrote them a check and brought him home.

We weren't exactly ready for this new member of our family.  But we did our best.  He was extremely nervous and wouldn't come in the house for about 2 hours.  He would just run around the back yard.  Finally, I wore him down and he warmed up to me and came inside.  Yawkey (I picked the name) soon explored his new home and made himself relax with "mom and dad".  It was so nice to have this new source of love in our home.  We will ALWAYS miss Nick.  But we will be busy with Yawkey too!

Hanging with dad, first night

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ozartink said...

Yawkey begins a new chapter in the Arnett residence......taking it to a new level of energy.......