Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Photos

I have been so busy with life, that posting has taken a backseat. Nothing has been crazy or stressful. Just busy. But even though I've been busy, I have been thankful. I have several friends posting daily the things they are thankful for. I love reading these.

Last night I was busy (surprise) making our Christmas cards on line. YES! I already have my Christmas cards made and my mailing list done. (I know, it's not even Thanksgiving!) It was so much fun looking at all the photos we had taken this past fall (2 different sessions). I won't ruin the surprise of which ones I selected, but these were some of the ones that made me smile and THANKFUL! Enjoy.

My Rock

My Baby

My Boy

My Family
(I love the looks on the kids' faces!)

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Patsy Baker said...

Those eyebrows. Beautiful pics, beautiful family. Love you guys.