Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

This will be a packed post. We've done a lot this weekend. I'll start with Thursday (Thanksgiving Day).

We weren't celebrating it, all of our family was coming on Saturday to eat the BIG TURKEY meal. So the kids, Jake, Jen and myself went to the movies. We saw the BEST movie!!!

However, when we left the movie at 5ish we realized why people eat the big meals on this day. We were hungry and there wasn't any place OPEN!!!! So we settled for a frozen Totino's pizza and some mac n cheese. :)

Then on Friday, Jake and Owen went out to buy our first "fake" Christmas tree. Allie and I stayed home and started pulling the decorations out. When the boys brought home the tree, the kids and I began to assemble it. The funny thing was our tree came in 5 pieces, but the directions showed 4 pieces!!! It still looks amazing!!!


Helper #1

Helper #2


Allie then assembled the Nativity Scene.

A few hours later, I went to clean up the mess and found this.

The box the tree came in, or...

the new hangout!

The kids decorated their own tree downstairs.
What tree isn't complete with out action figures?

Saturday we had all of our family over to eat. I made a 23 pound turkey. YEAH! I said 23!!!! It came out perfectly.

The 3 generations of Arnetts, cutting the turkey.


Just a few of the sides.

Valorie, Jen and myself

Dad, Jen and Mom

The "kid" bench.

After eating coma pose.

Victim #2.

Owen explaining "Angry Birds" to G.G.

It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

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