Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zombie Apocalyptic 5K


That's right!  They were everywhere!!!

OK, so maybe it was just makeup.  But it WAS a lot of FUN!  I signed up for the Zombie 5K over 4 months ago.  It sounded like a great idea...4 months ago.  4 days ago, I was having second thoughts.  This race was sending us descriptions of some of the obstacles I would encounter.  Here is one.

THE BARN:  I would enter a dark barn filled with many hay bales.  I would have to climb over said hay bales to reach the exit using only the light from some strobes in the ceiling.  Did I mention there would be ZOMBIES in there too????

The idea of the run is you get a belt with 3 flags attached.  You run the 3.1 miles and go through several (13 we think) obstacles.  The whole time you are being "hunted" by the zombies.  Their mission is to take our "lives" (the 3 flags).  We are still to cross the finish with no flags, we just won't qualify for any prizes.

I will be COMPLETELY honest.  The first 15 minutes were the HARDEST 15 minutes I have EVER ran.  And I lost all 3 of my flags in that time frame.  The silver lining, after my last flag was gone, the zombies stopped chasing me and just scared me now and then.  I did make it through the first 5 challenges without losing all of them.  But the BARN was hard!  Here are some of the pics I took.

Julie and I, pre race

Julie was making friends. 

 My bib number.
Zombie Survival 101

A cute sign 

Gina, myself and Julie
(notice our flags are there) 

Not planning on becoming a meal. 

 Zombies in the first field we had to run through.


Best Pic EVER 

 An ACTUAL wedding party.
They really had a wedding here.

My girls and NO FLAGS!
We are the "undead".

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ozartink said...

you didn't trip anyone, karate kick anyone in the .......just "good fun"?