Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bragging Rights

Jennifer McDaneld, RMA

That's right, World.  My sister is CERTIFIED!!!  And now is when I get on my soapbox and announce to everyone "how proud I am of her".

November 2011, Jen and I are hanging out on my basement couch.  She's talking about how she's getting tired of dealing with some of the people at her job.  I, being the BIG sister, grab the laptop and start searching job possibilities for her.  We discuss her various interests and the field becomes more narrow.  The idea of working in the medical field in some capacity seems to be clicking in her mind.  So I proceed to fill out interest forms at various places for her to get more information.  Fast forward to today.

She has completed the 15 month program for RMA (Registered Medial Assistant).  Which included an externship for the the last few months, and ended in them hiring her!  She recently found out that she not only passed the RMA exam, but did AWESOMELY!  This Saturday she will be getting the keys to her new "dream" loft apartment that will be closer to her work.

All I can say, "I am so proud of you.  For all of your hard work and dedication.  Each of your recent blessings is rightfully deserved.  I love you."


Nennie said...

You are the awesome support system that propels most of my life. Thank you and for the unwavering that you and the family give me. It would not have been anywhere near possible without you.

Julie said...


Julie said...


ozartink said...

An unbeatable "tag team"!! Congratulations Jennie, and Carrie, you should be very proud of all that you do......both of you make me very proud that you are my children!!! You have accomplished so much in your lives....so very much to be proud of!