Monday, April 8, 2013

Furry Family

This is our first child, Nick.  We got him for our first Christmas together (1998).  He was one of a liter that was left at the shelter.  Before we were a couple, after Nick came along we became a family.  Daily walks (sometimes 2) became a normal routine.

He turned 14 last December.  We've been told by several people how amazing he both look and acted for a dog his age.  My secret, is that it was because of all the love he got.

We had to say "Good Night" to our booga for the last time this afternoon.  It has been hard, but it was the best thing.  It's amazing how you don't really miss something, until it's gone.  The house feels a little quiet.  But our memories echo in our hearts.  We love you, Nick.

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ozartink said...

He has taken a final "walk"....and is now enjoying a well deserved...."rest". He will be sorely missed.....and never forgotten.