Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last day of Kindergarten

Breakfast on our "special" plate.

Mommy plans a class luau.

Good Buddies!

Owen and the Burgess Boys (Luke and Logan).

Nick riding the coaster.

She is the "dancing queen".

A little friendly competition.

2 arms are better than 1!

Chloe and Paige

Luke and Owen

Allie and Natalie

Jake, Luke (he followed Owen around) and Owen

Allie and Natalie, again

Today was Owen's last day of kindergarten. I helped his class out by organizing a little luau center rotation. They had fun, but not as much fun as they had at Chuck E. Cheese after school! Owen has been earning tokens for his school behavior for about a month. We told him that he would be able to use them after his last day of school. I told all the moms from his class that we were going to Chuck's for lunch and some fun and they were welcome to join us. I think 3/4 of his class showed up! It was so much fun!!! I took some cute pictures and got some emails so we can plan summer activities with our friends. The 2 moms who put together the class memory books (which were AMAZING!!!) were there, so the other moms got to thank them. I can't believe it's over, but looking at my son I can tell you he is more than ready for 1st grade.

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george said...

Out with a "bang".....A picture's worth a thousand words.....these are "gold" and I am sure that the memories will be with Owen & Allie for is great...but it is even greater to celebrate it being over!!!