Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steve-50 mile Ultra Marathon

Patsy waiting at the 5 mile aid station.

Steve (in the lead) and 2 other runners.

Water break and change of runners.

Steve and Jake running somewhere past the airport.

Steve and Jake coming to the end of mile 20.

Some of you may know about our friends the Bakers, but I want to share some amazing things about Patsy and Steve. They go to our church and we became friends with them thanks to facebook. A few years ago, Patsy decided she wanted to run a half marathon. Steve wanted to run it with her. So they both started running. Flash forward to this last fall. Steve decides to train for a 50 mile ultra marathon. Unfortunately he had some injuries that put off his training, but this didn't deter him. He decided that once he got the okay from doctors, he would resume his training and run his own 50 mile ultra marathon. He mapped out his course around Wichita, picked a date (May 22), had a team of volunteers run legs with him and help at aid stations (we even had shirts) and then he raised money and awareness for MSAA. Jake ran 15 miles with him and I (of course) took pictures. Good guy, good run and a good cause... now that's GOOD stuff.

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