Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonder Woman

I look at my girlfriends, and I hear them express frustration. Not unlike the frustration that I feel. I wonder why it is that we are all smart, capable women. We occupy several roles in our day-to-day lives. Care-giver, cook, provider, athlete, book-keeper, home-maker, advisor, therapist... the list is subtly different from one to the next. But never any shorter. And yet we are the ones who are quick to point out our own failures, short-comings, weaknesses. I wish there was a drink, pill or candy we could take that would dull our quickness to blame ourselves and increase our enthusiasm for our successes. I look at each and every one of them. Talented, graceful, brilliant, compassionate.

I hope that if they read this, and most of them do ;)... they hear me say this one thing...

"Wonder Woman"!!!!

Each one of us is a super hero. Each one of us has a special power. Together or apart, we are able to accomplish great things. We may never be every thing to every one, but we are, who we are, when it counts.

You are the listener... when someone needs to vent.
You are the cheer leader... when someone needs encouragement.
You are the doctor... when someone needs healed.
You are the teacher... when someone wants to learn.
You are the partner... when someone won't do it alone.


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george said...

So True!!!! Wishing you and all your friends.....Happy Mothers Day...One of the most demanding will ever accept and embrace! Truly Wonderwomen!