Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Tuesday, LOVE was in the air. (It actually started on Monday, with Allie's class party.) I was able to attend both of the kids parties. They loved getting Mommy at their school.

Allie at her party.

Owen at his party.

After I picked the kids up from school and brought them home, Owen walked into the kitchen to see this.

As you can see, he was VERY excited. I heard phrases like, "I'm the LUCKIEST boy!", "I LOVE you, Mommy!", "I've been wanting this for a LONG time!". I had bought him this new wii game called "Skylanders". He's mentioned it several times and even committed his allowance for the last few weeks to go buy it himself. (He still had about 3 more weeks to save for it.) Allie didn't have anything waiting for her, because Daddy was having a dozen pink roses to be delivered at the house for her. Thankfully, the truck showed up within 15 minutes of getting home. She was so EXCITED! I had her go out on the porch to receive them from the driver. Then we placed them in the vase and found the perfect place to set them. (On her nightstand.)

She is a VERY special little lady.

It was such a wonderful Valentine's Day. We felt loved, more than words can say.

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