Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, the imagination!

Today, Allie walked in the house after school all excited about what happened at school. A mom of one of Allie's classmates is a dentist. She came to school to explain what she does in her job and demonstrate how she does it. She sent all the kids home with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers and even stickers. As soon as she could, Allie set up her OWN dentist office.

She is working on Bity Baby.

Notice the face mask and YES, she is wearing latex gloves!

I will quickly explain the set up. She laid out one of her quilts to be the area she worked in. She had several of her toys wait in the "waiting room". A toy bed became the patient chair. She used a doll shirt as the bib. The tools she used were neatly lined up beside her. She had the stickers for the good patients in a row. Her toy phone was in the office, she even took appointments while she worked. She asked me for gloves, OF COURSE I have a box of latex gloves (doesn't everyone?). Allie then dug through the toy doctor stuff to find the finishing touch, her face mask. This went on for about an hour. She is AWESOME, and accepts all insurance. :)


Patsy Baker said...

I bet she is totally pain free.

Angie said...

Please schedule my entire family for tomorrow at 1.