Thursday, February 9, 2012

The honor, is His!

Tonight at Tae Kwon Do, Master Tammy called some of the Lil Dragons to come up and accept stripes to their belts. They earn these stripes for completing various skills that need to be learned in order to progress to the next color belt. Well, guess who got his first stripe? Yep! Owen. He was so excited! I was excited for him! He's been trying really hard during class to get the skills.

Master Tammy putting on the yellow stripe.

Owen bowing to Master Tammy.

My heart did break a little when I saw Allie trying desperately to NOT cry, she didn't earn one. She kept it together until they were dismissed and they came to me. As soon as my arm touched her, she fell apart. We quickly got our shoes on and got in the car. Owen was beaming, but he was also concerned for his sister. The highlight of the whole evening was Owen looking at her and saying, "It's ok, Baby. I bet you get your first stripe next week."

I love my kids!

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