Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet The Teacher Night

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Wheatland Elementary.  Both kids were excited!  Allison knew who her teacher was (Mrs. McEwen, Owen's kindergarten teacher) but she couldn't wait to take her school supplies and play in the classroom.  Owen's teacher, Mrs. Udell, is new this year.  I was excited to see what she was like.  She's young and has only taught a few years.  We also got to see who some of Owen's classmates are going to be.  He's excited!!!!  Here are a few pics I took.

Allie with her school supplies. 

 Owen with his school supplies.

Allison found her spot! 

Owen found his desk. 

These are the kids in Allie's class. 

We left feeling good about school starting this year!!!!

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ozartink said...

I wish they had done that.....back in my day..... I am very happy that they both like school as much as they do.......I had to be physically dragged to school.....didn't think I needed it!