Monday, August 20, 2012

"Queen of Kindergarten"

The title is a direct quote that Allison said as I was taking her picture.  She has been ready for Kindergarten for some time now.  I'm not even sure EXCITED captures her feelings.

On "Meet the Teacher" night, she had been given a homework assignment.  She had to complete an "ALL ABOUT ME TEE".  I thought she captured the essence of her.  :)

I took this pic in the car waiting for drop-off time. 

 Me and my baby

She found her name tag!

Her teacher had a goodie bag for the parents to take after dropping the kids off.  I was bending down to kiss Allie goodbye, when my eyes watered up a little.  She looked at me and pulled out a Kleenex from the bag and said, "You might need this." 

Must have been a good day.  This was the pic I took of them walking out.


Patsy Baker said...

So adorable.

ozartink said...

A MONUMENTAL DAY!!! Congratulations to all of you!I "assume" Allie picked out her outfit?