Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sleep Over

Last night was Allison's first sleepover at someone else's house.  Lucky for me, it was across the street. She was SO EXCITED!!!  As soon as she woke up, she started telling me the "list" of things she wanted to pack and take.  That was at 8 in the morning, the sleepover didn't start until 6 that evening.  It was a LONG day.  But boy, was she thrilled when the moment came for me to walk her over with her bag.  I texted Rachel this morning to see how the night went.  Her reply, "We are great.  Making pancakes and painting some craft they made last night.  She did awesome!  I will say abbey kept Allison up until 11.  Sorry.  Abbey stayed up later but I kept her quieter!  Is 10 ok for pick up?  They have a lot of plans!"  When I picked her up, both girls enquired as to when we can do it again.  I am so blessed to have neighbors like this.  I can't wait to see these two girls grow up together!!!

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ozartink said...

Movin' On Up!!!! Milestones in the life of a young girl! You are so blessed!