Sunday, April 21, 2013

A glimpse in my Saturday

I realized the other day I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted to, so I thought I'd just give a quick update and sample of a Saturday in the life of me.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Jake would tell you they are ALL busy.  But this time I managed to capture it in photos.

Our morning started with Jake planning to take our new puppy, Yawkey to the vet.  So that means he had to take my car and leave me with his mini coop (which is a stick).  I took the kids to Exploration Place where we met our friends the Pates.  Their daughter, Holly has type 1 diabetes.  We were a part of her team walking 2 miles to raise money for a cure.  The kids did a good job walking the 2 miles, except for the complaining the last half mile. :)

Our Holly's Hooligans

We finished the walk at 11:00 and drove through Wendy's to get a quick lunch and headed to the North YMCA.  Allison had a 12:00 soccer game and Owen had one at 1:00.  We made there with just enough time to eat our food, get geared up and get to the fields.  We look so ready for soccer!

My soccer studs.
Allison made her first soccer goal!

Going for my "mom of the year" award, I just remembered that Allison was having her team pictures after the game.  YEP!  That's my baby in her team pic with a giant green butterfly on her face!!!

The Baby Jays

Jake met us at the games, I went to volunteer at church at 3:00 then went home to get ready for my date night.  We went to dinner with the Carpenters and then to see the Zac Brown Band.  It was a long, but really FUN night.

Shawn, Jake, me and Erin waiting for the show to start.


ozartink said...

I don't think that the description of a "stay at home" very adequate.....much less close to reality! You wouldn't have time for a job.....not with the schedule the kids keep you on....much less all the other titles and hats you wear....."all in a day's work"!!!!

Angie said...

Miss you all. The kids are growing like weeds.