Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hot Yoga!?!?!?

I have never been one who really got into yoga, let alone HOT yoga.  I really don't like to sweat, unless I'm running or REALLY working out.  I don't think it's possible to get a good workout "stretching".  I even tried hot yoga with some girlfriends, but didn't really get into it.  Then Jake got into it about 6 months ago.  He even got Andrew hooked on it.  So, when the kids started school I was able to try an express class level one.  I didn't hate it.  I actually liked the ache I felt in places but not unable to walk, like I would hurt when working out with weights.

That's why I went to a level one 75 minute class today.  It was really a good class.  Katarina was the teacher and the soon-to-be owner of the studio.  If her new schedule works with my crazy calendar, I could see myself going a few times a week instead of working out at the gym.  Who knows?  Maybe in a few months I'll become more flexible.

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