Thursday, August 28, 2014

Growing up before my eyes (Owen)

I can't believe how much my kids have "grown up" this past summer.

I figured Owen would mature right before middle school, but he has done several things lately that show he's older now.  Just the other day, he asked if he could get his hair cut.  It might sound benign...but this is usually a topic that is started by Jake or I and followed quickly with a debate that he doesn't think he needs one.  This week he was playing on his ipad with his headphones on.  I assumed he was listening to some youtube video or soundtrack to whatever game he was playing.  Jake looked over his shoulder to see him turn on a Mike and Mike podcast.  That is something that Jake does, not Owen.

Then tonight I helped him figure out how to tie his shoes.  It's always been a battle to teach him.  So we pretty much just gave up and bought him only slip-on shoes.  I KNOW!  Not a shining parent moment.  But it was blown away tonight by his determination to figure it out.  He nailed it on the third attempt.  He did it a few more times and once to show daddy.

What will they be doing tomorrow???

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