Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

She thinks I ROCK!

The line outside.

As a kid, I remember staying up late on Friday and Saturday nights watching "Night Tracks" with my dad and he would write down the top 20 videos in a notebook. Music videos gave songs and music a new meaning. One of those memory making artists was Pat Benatar. Every time I'm around karaoke, I have to grab the microphone and sing my heart out to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". I LOVE that song!

Well, today I got to meet the woman herself. That's right! I met Pat Benatar. By the way, she is really short! She was signing her autobiography at a bookstore and my sister agreed to watch my kids while I waited from 7:00 this morning until 12:15 when she showed up. (She wasn't scheduled to be there until 12:30. Showing up early only makes her cooler in my mind!) I was the FIRST person in line. I had a relaxing time just reading a book, drinking an iced tea and visiting with the most interesting people who were also big fans. The local paper even came up to interview me. I didn't know what to say when I walked up to her table. "Hi", was all I could think of. She shook my hand and signed my book. She thanked me and I slowly walked away. I sort-of felt like Ralphie after seeing Santa. The woman behind me thanked her for her wonderful music and that her songs meant a lot to her. (DANG!!! That was good!) I wondered through the 50+ people who were winding through the store, almost beaming that I got my autograph before them. (I know... childish :p) Once outside, I saw a line of about 50+ more people just waiting to get in to the bookstore. Boy was I glad I got there early! My sister picked me up and home we went, with my prize in hand.


Emz said...

OH MY GOSH. That's the best song ever!! I saw your title and instantly started singing!!

YOU met PB!! YOU rock!!

Angie said...

Fire away-ay!!!

Julie said...

So cool!!!

george said...

So hard to imagine you being speechless....consider your parents....but I can relate...so Awesome!!!! You feel like you can never wash your hand again!! But for that nano minute.....time stands still....and you....are There!!! All the things you might have said or done....fade away....just that experience....memories for the summer of 2010!!!