Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take it to the Bank!

For well over 5 years, I have been putting coins in a white ceramic pig bank. I even went so far as to only put silver coins in it. (That made it worth more!) Every now and then I would get bored/curious and open it up and count it. Then over a year ago we decided we would do a fellowship in Boston from July 2010 to June 2011. I took this as a great reason to buy a new bank and save money for this great experience. I bought a 18 inch plastic gummy bear bank. Again, I only put silver money in it. Now you are probably wondering what I did with all my pennies...I had another place for them. I turned a giant pickle jar into my "Penny Bank".

As the day of our impending adventure gets closer, I thought I should take all of these coins to the bank to be deposited into our account. I emptied all 3!

Go ahead! Take a guess! How much do you think I took to the bank?

6 gallon sized zip-lock baggies
60 pounds exactly (yes, I weighed them)


Julie said...

Wow! Lots of Jake's favorite number.

george said...

You are amazing...perhaps the numbers are a sign....and the time is right....Good things take time...