Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kid Thoughts - "Thanks, Disney!!!"

Today on the drive to take Owen to Kid College, I over heard a conversation between Owen and Allie. (Background-The kids have always had a nickname for each other. His has been Bubba and hers is Baby. She's recently had some issues with him calling her "Baby".)

Owen: "Baby, you can't come to college with me."
Allie: "STOP calling me Baby! I'm 3 years old. (holding up 3 fingers) I'm NOT a child!"

WHAT???? This totally confuses Owen and he proceeds to inform her she and he are both children because they aren't grown ups yet. Yeah, this explanation was falling on deaf ears. After I was able to breathe from the laughing fit, I asked her where she heard that phrase from. "Aerial says it in the Little Mermaid, Mommy." OH YEAH!!!! Thanks, Disney!!!!

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george said...

Out of the mouths of "babes".....OMG!!! What will she think of next??? The thrill of raising kids....and the education they provide us....You are never too old to learn!!!