Monday, July 12, 2010

Kid College-Fun Scientist

Today was Owen's first day of college... Kid College, that is. Butler County Community College offers week long classes for kids that are fun and educational. This week's class is Fun Scientist. Owen is learning about the states of matter... solid, gas and liquid. His buddy, Jacob, is in there too. I love seeing him so excited about not only learning, but wanting to go to college. (The name being "Butler" doesn't hurt either. He laughs every time he says it, "BUTT-ler!")


Julie said...

Looks like fun

george said...

Love it that he can be, at one moment, wise beyond his years, and then, so much the child, with Butt-ler!!! Priceless!!!!

Emz said...

what an awesome idea. He looks pretty happy about it!!

Summer fun!!