Saturday, October 1, 2011

Busy, but GOOD!

This has been a very busy week! We haven't done anything out of our regular routine, but we've been getting ready for our BUSY weekend. Friday was the first day of our weekend. I have been working on getting the fall fundraiser for Owen's school ready to start. It's been an experience! But at 3:10 on Friday afternoon I was hosting the pep assembly in front of the ENTIRE student/faculty body of Wheatland Elementary. I made sure I was dressed for it!

I had arranged for the PE teacher to have "Eye Of The Tiger" playing on the speaker as the kids came into the gym. The principal, Mr. Armbrister, introduced me and I took over. I felt great about it. My dear friend, Kris, decided to video record the whole thing! I can't wait to see that!!!

Then Friday evening, I got to go to dinner with my girlfriend, Julie. It was so nice! Afterwards, we met Angela at the Holiday Galleria. I so meant to have our picture taken together. But I did manage to get a pic of this vendor wearing custom made pants. They were made from Italian upholstery! AWESOME!

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