Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in Chicago

A good friend sent me a video clip on Friday from a favorite classic movie of mine and Jake. It was from "Blues Brothers". It's the scene where they get in there car and HIT IT... to Chicago. Well, that's what Jake and I did this weekend. WE HIT IT! I took a bunch of pics so I'll just fill in the blanks with captions.

What we saw at the baggage claim.

View from the cab heading into Chicago.

We got to Chicago on Friday, so after checking in we went for a walk.

Where we decided (on Friday) we would start.

This was near where we wanted to start.

View of the city from the fountain.

We then walked along Lake Michigan.

Jake enjoying the view and his Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

We were feeling a little tired, so we went to the movies. We saw "Moneyball". It was a good. Then we walked down Michigan Ave. to the hotel, but we stopped and did a little shopping.

I discovered this wonderful chocolate place and made my own box.

We woke up Saturday and walked to the Expo. It was a little walk, but very scenic.

Soldier Field. "Da Bears"

Then we got to the Expo. A runner's heaven.

I'm a little excited.

The forecast was sunny and warm.

We met Ultra-runner, Scott Jurek.

A cool wall that went through the Expo.
There were names of all the runners in the red and blue boxes.

Look who I found?

The finish line as we were taking the shuttle back to the hotel.

A cool model of the city.

Where we ate our pre-race pasta dinner.
(My friend, Kim, suggested it.)

Sign outside the restaurant.

After dinner we thought we could walk back to Michigan Ave. to buy the kids some gifts. We ended up walking 4 miles. But it was a fun walk.

The window of the Apple store.

Sunday, we ran. (That's a whole different post!) Then we went to The Peninsula Hotel Spa for 60 minute Swedish massages. (I recommend this for ALL marathoners!) Walking as new humans, we met a friend of ours for dinner at Gino's East. It was good to see him and meet his family. His girls are so cute!

Sanjeev and Divya and their daughter.

After dinner, we walked to the hotel. I stopped at Niketown and picked up my commemorative jacket that I had personalized (for free). I was tired, but very happy. This weekend was amazing!

One Happy Girl

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Very impressive. Y'all looked great.