Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chicago Marathon 2011

Chicago Marathon 2011 (the uncensored review)

I apologize there won't be any pictures during this post. Not that I didn't take any! But I used a disposable camera and had to have the film developed and so I can't post them. :(

First, I would like to thank all of the people who were standing along the course cheering total strangers on. It was AWESOME! I want to take a brief moment to share with you some of the memorable posters/signs that I got to read as I ran all 26.2 miles.
  1. "This is the WORST parade EVER!"
  2. "Odoyle RULES!"
  3. "Honey badger DOESN'T give a shit!"
  4. "Don't stop now! Millions of people are watching!"
  5. "The pain is temporary. Quitting is FOREVER!"
  6. "Because 26.3 would be just CRAZY!"
Those were just a small sample of what I saw. There were bands and dj's playing music along the course as well. Several songs I caught myself singing to were...
  1. "Run The World (Girls)"
  2. "We Are The Champions"
  3. some Lady Gaga song, I can't think of right now
  4. some Elvis song, I can't think of right now either
Now for the highlights. (In some-what sequential order as they happened.)
  1. The 40-something male partners at the warm up area. They were hilarious, from Florida and wanted to pay Jake $10 for his Mylar blanket he brought. Lucky for me, a woman gave me an extra trash bag she had so I could stay warm.
  2. Jake smacking my butt for "good luck".
  3. Running under a wide bridge seeing several male runners just stop and pee on the wall.
  4. Seeing the Chicago Theater.
  5. Having a runner come up to me and wish me well on my first marathon. I had made a running shirt that on the back said, "My First Marathon".
  6. Stopping to take a potty break.
  7. Seeing 2 men wearing nude leotards covered in clear, empty water bottles, go-go boots, white wigs and big sunglasses dancing and singing on a stage to some Lady Ga-Ga song. (the reason I can't remember the song, they were stealing the show)
  8. Another runner came up to me and tell me good luck on my first marathon.
  9. Ran past a guy running in Crocs and had a propeller on his hat with a shirt that said, "HI GUY". I took his pic and Jake gave him props on his style.
  10. ELVIS! There was a guy on a stage singing and dressed like Elvis. I took his pick and Jake gave him a "high five". (the reason I can't remember the song... it was ELVIS!)
  11. Realizing for Chicago being called the "windy city", it wasn't windy AT ALL!
  12. Another runner came up to me and said, "Happy First Marathon!"
  13. Jake thinking he is funny and running ahead of me for about 20 feet, with his butt showing above his shorts. (FUNNY?)
  14. Seeing 2 runners ahead of me, one wearing a shirt that said "I'm the DAD" (a man in his late 50's) and the other said "I'm the SON"(a man in his 20's).
  15. Jake picking me up an orange wedge and handing it to me to eat. Then taking my picture with "orange peel smile".
  16. Stopping for Jake to take a potty break.
  17. Jake telling me to watch up ahead on the left as he runs up to a group of girls by the road. He then tells them my name and says, "On the count of 3, say 'GO, CARRIE'. 1. 2. 3. (everyone yells) GO, CARRIE!"
  18. Thinking of everyone I knew, who knew I was running this marathon and feeling very LOVED! (I have an AMAZING support group.)
  19. Running through Chinatown. I saw 2 of those Chinese dragons (people in the big costume ones).
  20. One more runner telling me, "You are doing great for your first marathon. You've obviously trained for this."
  21. Seeing a group of 5 runners all wearing a shirt that said "Abuelo" all were in their 30's but one. He was in his 70's. And his shirt said below Abuelo, "Pushing Abuelo to 26.2". (FYI-they finished right before us. ALL of them.)
  22. We walked through all the aid stations drinking water, but the last one. We wanted to finish strong and steady. By that point my legs were hurting a little when I would go from walking to running. So I figured, let's just run the rest of the way. This was after mile 24.
  23. I was eating Gu Chomps at every mile from mile 4-21. Then from 21-24, I ate a half of a banana that they were giving at aid stations.
  24. I crossed the finish line at 5:26:35. Jake crossed the finish line at 5:26:36. He wanted me to cross first.
  25. Feeling AMAZING! No tears. Just a TON of relief to have actually finished it.
  26. Walking back to the hotel and throwing up in the bathroom. (Remember those 4 half bananas I ate?)
If you ask me today, I would tell you I don't have any desire to run another marathon. I really love the idea of half marathons.

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Julie said...

Sweet Success with a little ass smacking and banana throw-up on top.