Sunday, January 17, 2010

What every diva needs...

I found her sitting in her big suitcase.

The medium suitcase is for accessories.

"Look Out World", here she comes!

A killer luggage set! Allison's dress-up collection has started becoming a daily activity. At least once a day, she strips what ever outfit I had put on her and proceeds to on some sort-of princess get-up. Due to this ever growing problem, I decided to start looking for a new alternative to storing these precious items. In my mind, I wanted an old, sturdy suitcase that we would eventually take with us to Boston. My AWESOME friend, Julie, found the perfect thing. A 3 piece Samsonite luggage set! She found it at the local flea market for $35!!! Let's just say, everything has a home with room to grow! Allie (and mommy) loves it! Thanks a bunch, Julie!


Julie said...

any excuse to go to the flea market

george said...

A win-win situation for Mom!!'s everything! Allie's stuff will be packed to go whenever and still be convenient to her daily "needs"! You are on a roll...!