Monday, February 15, 2010

Mickey, Here we come!

Waiting in the Wichita Airport.

My plane partner.

"Look Mommy! There is snow!" Those are clouds, Baby.

The boys side of the plane.

Brachiosaurus in Chicago's O'Hare.

Boys waiting in Chicago.

Girls waiting in Chicago.

Up too early!

On the bus to the resort.

Can you feel the excitement?

Our flight was uneventful and smooth. You could see the anticipation building in everyone's eyes. We got to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge around dinner time. Jake suggested getting a table at the African buffet restaurant at the Lodge. I wasn't sure if we would get in or not. I took the kids to the playground for about 10 minutes of running around time, when Jake came back with a pager. We got a table for 4:30. Not 5 minutes later it goes off. We gather the kids and walk in. An African woman greets us and asks us our name and where we are from. We are thinking this is weird, but go with it and tell her we are from Wichita, Kansas. She turns and announces to this room full of about 10 families (who made their reservations probably 3 months ago) that we were the family of the night! They had these African drum players playing our walk into the restaurant all the way to the table. We were the first ones there!!! We got this certificate with our name and date on it and everything. What a way to start our vacation!


ozartink said...

Are you sure you didn't plan the grand entrance? Just your "luck" if no other explanation!! Definitely starting things off with a "bang"!!!

ozartink said...

Great the way....every picture is worth a thousand words....memories...made of this!