Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Force is strong with this one!

The training class.

Owen's big moment.

Oh, NO! It's Darth Vader!!!

Owen WINS!!!!

Getting his congratulations from his Jedi Master.

The trainees facing the audience.

Owen with his Jedi certificate of completion.

This experience was a big effort and worth every minute. We noticed the area right when we got in the park. Owen was all for it. There was this line, but we weren't sure what that was for. So we just stood there and watched for about 20 minutes. Finally, we figured out that we would have to stand in line for our chance for Jedi training. So Daddy and Owen agreed to stand in line while Allie and Mommy went to see if there was something for the girls to do. We saw a show about Aerial was going to be showing about 45 minutes later. So we got our "Fast Pass" tickets for the show and went back to see how the boys were. We get back and find out that they weren't picked for the 11:45 show. So I take both kids to the "Indiana Jones" show while Daddy stays in line hoping for the next show. Half way through the show, Jake texts me that Owen in on the list but has to be there in 10 minutes! So we leave the show and hall butt to get him there. I drop him off with Jake and they tell me he is in for the 12:30 show. So Allie and I run to catch the Aerial show and just make it back in time to watch Owen do his training. Owen got to fight Darth Vader, as Jake put it, "So worth the 2 hour wait in line!" I sensed he wished it could have been him. :)

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george said...

Jake.....I am so sorry you couldn't have been Owen's "second" would have been worth it just to have been there....I am sure it was great "video"....something that Owen will remember for a lifetime!!The kid with the big "do" could have been a great "wingman" for Owen!!