Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A princess of our own!

Fairy Godmother working her magic


How pretty!

My happy crew

Making a wish by "Cinderella's Fountain"

The hostess at dinner in the castle... Cinderella

Owen making a wish before dinner.

Princess Aurora


Snow White... And Snow White!

I love this one!

Her prince!


Eating her "Royal Dessert".

Allie was so serious during her entire make-over process. We had not one, but TWO fairy Godmothers working on her. One did her hair and another did her make up and nails. She was so still and really didn't talk too much. She was so good. Daddy and Owen met us after she was done and we rode on Dumbo's Flying ride. Then we caught a showing of "Mickey's Philharmagic". Our dinner at the castle was worth every penny! We met our hostess in the entry of the castle and got some pictures taken. Then while we were eating, several other princesses came around to meet us. Snow White was our favorite, she loved how pretty Allie was. This is what dreams are made of!


Angie said...

Every time I saw one of these little girls I thought of Alli- she is the cutest of them all! Also-your hair reacts to Florida way better than mine did. Next time we'll have to coordinate.

george said...

You are so right!!! That picture of "Snow White w/Snow White" is truly a class picture...I would love to have one for framing... These pictures are just so awesome....I wonder who really had the most fun????