Saturday, February 20, 2010

Food Critic

For a while now, Jake has had a desire to make the best pancakes from scratch. Normally we use the shake/pour bottles. Since he has been on vacation this past week he's tried making "Old Fashioned" pancakes. Owen, our pancake connoisseur, didn't like them so much. "I like the ones from IHOP!" So Daddy got on line and found the recipe for IHOP Pancakes. I went to the store today and bought what ingredients we didn't already have and he made Owen "IHOP Pancakes" for lunch. They were a BIG hit! Owen ate 8 little ones. I even had a medium sized one. They were good, but a little to sweet for me. I'll stick to the shake/pour bottles. :)


george said...

As a big fan of pancakes....I like Bisquick for the best....but if you go with a mix...add an egg and milk.....makes it great! IHOP is alright for a break....if you have syrup and other goodies on them...its hard to tell if they are too sweet...but pancakes are good anytime....very filling too!! My hat is off to Jake for making the effort!!

芥末 said...
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