Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WDW Day 4-Hollywood Studios

Allie getting her face painted.

So pretty!

Guess who isn't happy?

Watching "Indiana Jones" action show.

Daddy and Allie coming down from the jungle net.

This one is for you Gramma Karen!

Green Army Man from "Toy Story".

"Toy Story Mania" ride. AWESOME!!!

On Thursday we explored Hollywood Studios Park. As the name says, it had a ton of movie themed activities. Allie saw a face painting station and insisted on getting her face done first thing! So Owen got to buy a toy whip, just like Indiana Jones. We saw a few shows and did a few rides, but the big thing was the Jedi Training. But that is for a blog all of it's own.

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george said...

every picture tells a story....but the one that stands Allie and her facepaint! I would bet she would have that done on a daily basis....that color and design is awesome and I am sure she wasn't happy when it had to be washed off! I think that the kids have had the vacation of a lifetime and anything else would just be "second fiddle"...I know as a child watching tv and the Wonderful World of Disney...that would be the creme de la creme...truly a fantasy experience!