Sunday, July 24, 2011

Training-week 18 (20 MILES)

You read that right! I DID IT!! I reached 20 miles! I feel AMAZING!!! I even had to do it on a treadmill. I will take you through the run step-by-step (figure of speech).

I got to the gym after 9:00 am. I was giving myself approximately 4.5 hours to complete this task. I knew that the treadmills at the YMCA stop at 60 minutes. So I decided I would run 4 legs of 5 minutes each. In between each leg, I would walk to the drinking fountain and refill my water bottle. Then get back on the treadmill for the next leg.

LEG 1:
These first 5 miles just sort-of tacked along. I didn't run at my max, but I wanted to make sure I would have enough "gas" to get me through the full 20 miles. I finished the leg and took my picture.

I walked over to the water fountain and filled my water bottle up. I ate a few pretzels and walked around for a few minutes. That's when I looked up and saw her. MY SISTER! She had come to join me. I got back on my friend, TREAD, and Jen got on the one next to me. I started my leg number 2 and she started walking.

LEG 2:
These next 5 miles flew by. Jen was chatting with me periodically and I was getting encouraging texts from both my husband and Julie. Talk about feeling the love! Next thing I know, I finished my leg and took my picture.

I walked over to the drinking fountain and refilled my water, ate some pretzels, a few gummy bears. I was feeling wonderful, got back on the treadmill and started my next leg.

LEG 3:
These next 5 miles had a series of milestones for me. (Those of you who know me, know I'm a cheerleader to those around me. Well, while I was running this section, I started hearing the "cheerleader" in my head.)
  1. I had reached my previous longest distance on the treadmill.
  2. I ran 13.1 miles 10 minutes faster than the last time I ran it.
  3. I was keeping a rather constant speed the entire time, so far.
I finished the leg and took my picture.

Still feeling pretty good, I walked over to the drinking fountain and stretched a little. My left knee was feeling a little tight. I also thought I might be getting a blister on my left big toe. I was way ahead of my 4.5 hour projected time, so I "got back on the horse" and finished this bad boy.

LEG 4:
This was a little harder to motivate myself to do this one. I started running and realized I only had to run 2 miles to reach my longest run EVER! Right around that same mark, Jen finished walking for 2 solid HOURS! I was so proud of her. She completed over 5 miles. It was her day of from work, and she chose to spend a big chunk of it with me... SWEATY! I finished the leg strong. I felt AMAZING! I turned to her and through my arms in the air. I didn't care WHO saw me. I DID IT! 20 miles, basically staying in one place. So I took my last few pics.

I walked over to the water fountain and filled up one last time. Met Jen at the stretching area and worked out some stiff joints. She had walked so much, that her shoe's sole split on the bottom. This was my FIRST 20 miler. I'm sure it won't be my last, but I will never forget it.

Thanks to my support team. Jen, Jake, Owen, Allison, Julie, Patsy, Angela, Amy, Megan and anyone else who knew I was doing this and had faith that I COULD do this.


Patsy Baker said...

You are going to kill this marathon. So proud of you.

peanut3762 said...

One of the most productive and fun days I've had in a while! Wouldn't have been anywhere else while you were running your 20!