Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Training-week 17

I may have found a new love of the treadmill. After my "failed" run outside a couple of weeks ago, I'm very gun-shy to run out in this CRAZY Kansas heat! So today my long run was just 7 miles, my personal challenge became to see how far I could run before the treadmill shut down. (It stops after an hour.) I totally surprised myself. I got 6.31 miles done in 60:00! So of course that means I had to run .69 after I re-started the machine. But I felt GREAT!!!

My next long run is this Sunday... 20!!! (again)

I'm thinking of trying it on the treadmill... why not?


Patsy Baker said...

20 easy peasy.

Julie said...

Treadmill all the way! Baby!