Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet The Teacher

Allie brought the Kleenex in her backpack.

Owen outside of his classroom.

The "Welcome" bulletin board.

There's his name.

Owen sorting his school supplies.

Me and my BIG boy!

Owen and Paige.

Tonight was Owen's "Meet The Teacher" at Wheatland Elementary. We got to take his school supplies (we brought them in our new back packs) and meet some of his new classmates (of course Paige was there). His teacher is Mrs. McEwen. I think she is going to be perfect for Owen. We even bought him a school tee shirt and water bottle. I'm not sure who is more excited, Me or him!? Some of the mommies (Amy :) were a little emotional, but I am more anxious! It will probably hit me next Monday. My baby boy is going to be starting Kindergarten... this is going to be a fun/exciting ride!

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george said...

Stepping up the educational process.....Wow! The anticipation as well as expectations are truly overwhelming in many ways....The sky is the limit....how brightly shines the star!
The two students...ready for the world....friendship and teamwork now as classmates....a new dimension on the relationship! A picture is worth a thousand words....a new "beginning"....yet just another page in the book of life! Another chapter begins....