Monday, August 3, 2009

Picnic in the Playhouse

The other day, it was beautiful outside. I had taken the kids to the neighborhood park to play in the morning and on the way home we decided to have a picnic outside for lunch. We went in the house and I made myself a sandwich and a baggie of chips and a container of grapes. The kids picked out lunchables and insisted on carrying them to the "playhouse picnic" in their new lunch boxes. Jake made his usual 2 pepperoni hot pockets and brought them to the playhouse. I got one of our picnic blankets and the camera and captured a few of the sweet moments. It was really fun and we are already discussing the menu for our next one!

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george said...

Sandwiches and chips....less than $ pockets..less than $3...lunchables....$5 or less.....Family time.....Priceless!!!!!!!!