Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree, Take 2

Here are some pictures of the saga, known as "Christmas Tree 2009". It has been a long hard road, but I think we have a keeper. There have been tears, sweat, a few bad words and threats of going NO TREE this year. Lucky for our kids, Daddy salvaged a tree from what was our possible "Death Trap". I've never thought of ourselves as those people with the funny holiday story, but I think we have quite a whopper this year!

You all have read that it fell over while I was blogging yesterday. Well, we managed to upright it and it stayed throughout the night. This morning we decided it was a "Death Trap" just tempting us to fall over. So after church we decided to try to fix it. Jake got a hand saw and proceeded to trim away at some branches near the base. Our plan was to make it more secure in the base and then add some sand in it to make it bottom heavy. Dave Norris, a friend of ours, brought his kids over for a play date. While the kids played in the basement, Dave observed and commented on our execution of this plan. Eventually he left, and we thought we had solved our problem after about 20 adjustments. At 3:40, I got a text from the Norris telling me they were coming to get their kids... tree is still upright, but slanting BAD! (see first picture) At 3:44, my friend Amy Williams called to find out the story since I had stated on facebook that our tree was a problem. I got a few sentences out, when out of the corner of my eye I see it start it's decent to the floor (sand and water, too). I yell, (phone still to my face) "JAKE! THE TREE IS FALLING! AMY, I'LL CALL YOU BACK! I GOTTA GO!" Frustrated, we decide, THAT'S IT! I go and open the front door, return to the tree and Jake begins to loosen the screws of the base. Just then the Norris' arrive (remember the front door is open) and we are in the same position we were in when Dave left earlier... minus the huge puddle of water and sand on my living room floor. With the help of our friends (commentary and all) we managed to remove the bottom 3 feet of the tree and use the 7 remaining for this season's Christmas tree.

Like I said, we got a WHOPPER!


george said...

Git 'er done....and you did!!!! Definitely a memorable experience...I'll bet the kids will tell their kids and grandkids...

Mindi said...

That is funny, have you read that Christmas tree book? Where people keep cutting the tree and everyone keeps using parts of it? you need that book.